How to Make a Moonlit LED Flower




This beautiful Moonlit LED flower is simple and inexpensive to make right at home. We will show you how with our basic tutorial on how to sew this soft circuit flower.


  • The first thing you will need to do is to cut, out of your fabric, the petals and a wrapper for a battery holder using templates.


  • Fold the petal section of the sheet and sew to make the shape of the flower. You need to sew all sections of each petal. Attach the two flower pieces and sew them together in the middle. Make sure that you stagger the flowers so the creases are offset and they look more like real flowers.


  • You’ll see the LED has one short leg, and one long leg. Make sure the long leg touches the plus side of the battery and the short leg touches the minus side. The long leg should not touch the short leg. Make the two little holes and insert the LED in the middle of the flower.


  • Use a wrapper of grey felt for a battery holder, then attach the battery holder to the felt. Using the template of the wrapper, locate where you want to attach the battery holder. Attach the battery holder to the felt using a hot glue gun.


  • Push the long leg of the LED into the hole of the positive lead of the battery holder. Next, bend the negative leg of the LED perpendicular (90 degrees) to the positive leg. Later, you will connect a snap to the short leg and the negative lead of the battery holder will also be connected with the other snap to touch the negative side of the battery.


  • Twist the long leg, which is connected to the positive lead of the battery holder, and attach it firmly. Then sew it using conductive thread. In the same way, twist the short leg, and sew it using conductive thread as well. Don’t cut the thread, you will be connecting a snap in the next step.


  • Sew continuously toward the folded side of the felt and then attach a snap with the conductive thread. So, the negative leg of the LED is connected to the snap.


  • Next, connect the negative lead to the other snap. Tie the conductive thread through the hole of the negative lead of the battery holder and then, using the thread, sew toward the round side of the felt. You need to be careful so that the thread does not touch both the positive and negative legs of the LED.


  • At the end of the round side of the felt, attach the other side of the snaps using the thread, so that the snap is connected to the negative lead of the battery holder. Then, fold the square side of the felt and glue it. The (-) snap can’t touch the (+) side of the battery. You may also need to glue the petals and the wrapper to make sure they are secure.


  • Insert the 3v coin battery into the battery holder toward the positive side which is facing up. When changing the CR2032 battery, push the steel panel of the battery, the battery will spring out and you can then insert a new battery into the holder.


When you close the snaps, the light will turn on. You can add a pin to the back of the flower, so you can attach it to your clothes or bag. Or, you can even add a thick thread to the flower and make a necklace out of it.


Have fun with it, and check out all of the other great electrical experiments that are easy and inexpensive to do at home.

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