The Weight of Traffic and Pedestrians can Generate Electricity

Generate Energy from Walking


Mexican entrepreneurs have developed a system capable of using the flow of vehicles to generate electric energy. This development has the potential to produce sufficient electricity to supply power to a household through a device that “catches” the force of the moving cars.


“This is a technology that provides sustained energy and could be implemented at low prices, since it’s a complement of already existing infrastructure:  the concrete of streets and avenues,” Hector Ricardo Macias Hernandez, developer of the system said. He also added that at a global level, there are no records of similar projects, with the exception of an English patent, but with the difference that in the European country piezoelectric floors are used, which are too expensive for developing countries.


The technology consists in a system that integrates a ramp-step that elevates to five centimeters above the level of the street. When receiving the impact of the vehicle, this ramp exerts pressure on a set of bellows below.


The bellows contain air that is expelled at a certain pressure through a hose; later, this element travels to a tank where it is compressed and relaunched to an electricity generating turbine. Macias Hernandez also said that the accumulation of electric energy is proportional to the flow of cars over a determined spot, however, in places with a lower flow of vehicles, several ramp-steps could be added to multiply the impact of every individual vehicle.


The developer added that the technology could also be implemented in places with high pedestrian flow. This way the steps of the people would generate electricity, according to the laws of gravitational energy, and this principle could be implemented in places like the subway.


According to Macias Hernandez, this development is translated in a source of sustainable energy that implies a low execution cost. The entrepreneur also mentioned that the support of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) was essential to achieve the technological development given that the institution elaborated a previous study regarding the viability of the project and gave advice to structure the necessary patients of the invention.


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