Mobile POS Can Boost Your Restaurant Business

Mobile point of sale (POS) systems are wireless devices used for completing sales transactions. They have become an excellent tool to ring up and track sales in any business, especially restaurants. Their use in all types of businesses continue to increase and will become the norm in the near future.


This year, shipments of new POS systems are expected to increase by 95% worldwide, as more and more businesses begin using them to enter and track sales. Not only for large businesses or specific industries, Mobile POS systems can benefit companies of any size and in any industry.


However, the systems usually offer the greatest opportunity for small businesses, which don’t always have the manpower, nor the technology available for them to compete efficiently with larger businesses.


Mobile POS systems let you ring up sales from anywhere, especially at tableside in the case of restaurants, which is great for customer service and upselling. The systems also gather information that can help you make smarter decisions about inventory, pricing and marketing.


Mobile POS Basics

Mobile POS systems usually include a card reader that can be attached to a smartphone or tablet, which accepts credit and debit card payments. Some systems include software that turns mobile devices into virtual cash registers and offer optional hardware including tablet stands, cash register drawers, and receipt printers. Restaurant POS systems can also be tailored to your specific needs.


Benefits of having a mobile POS system include:


Sell from anywhere

Mobile POS systems let you capture sales easily inside or outside of your business, you can ring up a customer right at their table and you don’t have to run back to the main cash register, wait for another server to ring up their order and then go back to the table with the change.


This can be a huge benefit by cutting down on the time it takes to ring up a customer, which will make the table available for the next guest. This cuts down on the wait for a table and maximizes a restaurants capability for serving more guests during busy periods. This greatly increases cash flow.


Improve order control

A mobile POS system can greatly improve a restaurant’s food order control.  When a server takes an order at the table they can input it into their mobile device, which immediately sends the order to the kitchen for preparation.


There is less chance for mistakes because there isn’t any transposition of the orders. The server can then go on to the next table and take the next guest’s order rather than walking the order to the kitchen.


The server is then notified when their order is ready and which table the order goes to, even which guest at that table. This greatly reduces the chance for mistakes and lessens the trips a server has to make to the kitchen, allowing them to focus on taking care of the customers and increasing efficiency and cash flow.


Strengthen restaurant marketing

Restaurant POS systems can keep track of a wide range of different sales information which can then be used to strengthen your marketing plan. You can keep track of which items sell the best, on which nights at what times etc.


You can identify patterns in sales that can help you plan promotions strategically. For example, a restaurant whose sales are slow on Mondays and Tuesdays can create a Facebook or Twitter promotion to bring in more customers on those days.


You can also offer promotions on items that aren’t selling well and adjust pricing to bring in more customers on your slow days and move slower-selling items while maximizing profits, by having firm information to use in your planning rather than guessing.


Enhance service

Mobile POS systems can improve the customer experience by shortening lines since employees throughout the restaurant can take payments from customers. The systems also make it easy to track purchases for customer loyalty programs and to create more targeted messages and offers by capturing customer contact information and purchase history.

Mobile POS systems also include email and social media marketing tools that let you create customized messages about special deals and announcements. The better systems can be tailored to your specific needs, so do your research and choose a system that will benefit you and your business because it will pay off, in the long run.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile POS Can Boost Your Restaurant Business

  1. Running a restaurant today would be difficult without the use of POS system. Monitoring everything manually will be a headache and it will even affect the overall service. So in order to be successful in business, automation is the key.


    1. Very true Susan, thank you very much for your comment. I’m really happy you found this article helpful and thank you for taking the time to post a comment. I look forwarf to more of your input.


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