Webcast About Great Battery Experiments from Iron Science Teacher

In a parody of the cult Japanese TV program, “Iron Chef,” here is an excellent video where a live audience at the Exploratorium, in San Francisco, cheer on competitors in a fun science cook-off, where teachers compete for the sought-after title, “Iron Science Teacher.”


The Exploratorium’s Iron Science Teacher competition showcases science teachers as they create classroom activities using batteries.


Using a variety of items found at home, the teachers make several different experiments involving batteries. The first experiment, created by two teachers is a “Conducto-saurus”. Using a battery, aluminum foil, Christmas tree bulb and masking tape, the pair create what looks like a dinosaur. With two aluminum foil legs and a Christmas light tail, the teachers show how the bulb lights up when you touch the two legs together, closing the circuit.


They also demonstrate how, when you insert the legs of the experiment into water, there isn’t a connection. However, if you add salt to the water the bulb immediately lights up.


Other experiments include potato batteries fruit batteries and how our bodies can conduct an electric current which registers on an ammeter in different situations. This video is a few years old, but it does a great job of showing some easy and inexpensive experiments that can be done with kids at home.


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