New Batteries Versus Discount Brands



There is no question you can save as much as 50% on the cost of batteries for your UPS unit if you choose to go with liquidation, clearance or old batteries. But are you really saving money in the long run?


Studies show that if you use new batteries, straight from the supplier, you will have the benefit of batteries that are at their full capacity right from the start. Batteries that have sat on a shelf for long periods of time, as in the case of those that were marked down for quick sales, will have shorter life expectancies when they are finally put to use. Batteries lose 3-10% of their life expectancy from self discharge just from sitting around unused.


Buying new, quality batteries will ensure that you receive the full benefit of the battery, as it is intended to be.


Clearance Batteries

When buying a battery that is on clearance or liquidation, you never really know how long it will last when you add it to your device because you have no idea how long the battery has sat around before you bought it, so it has already started its self discharge.


This means you could wind up with a battery that is up to half of its capacity right out of the box. After a few months, the loss to self discharge is permanent and not recoverable. This equates to a much lifespan for the battery once you finally buy it and add it to your device.


It is also a fact that, some devices require more power from a battery than others do. An example of this is that cameras and flashlights require more power than smoke detectors and watch batteries. The amount of power a device requires will also be a determining factor in how long a battery will last.

Add this power requirement to a battery that has already lost half of it’s life expectancy to self discharge and you only compound the problem. This results in replacing batteries more often, which quickly adds up the cost of powering your device when you could have just started with a fresh battery that has it’s whole life ahead of it.


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