Etihad’s Luxurious Abu Dhabi New Arrivals Lounge

Etihad Airlines has applied its notorious touch for luxury to a new front with a luxurious new arrivals lounge at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.


With all the amenities of a world class five-star hotel, Etihad once again sets the bar high for the competition in first class air travel.


“Once again, we have benchmarked ourselves against some of the world’s leading hotels and restaurants, while placing the warmth of Arabian hospitality at the heart of the experience.” says Peter Baumgartner, Chief Commercial Officer of Etihad Airways.


The spacious and luxurious facility is the first arrivals lounge to be operated by Etihad Airways. The carrier operates 10 other airport lounges globally, however, this is their first new arrivals lounge at Abu Dhabi International.


Gulf carriers have been fiercely competing to pamper their premium passengers by adding luxury twists to cabins and lounges. Etihad, Emirates Airline and Qatar Airways are leading the race to upgrade the premium travel experience, in hopes of attracting more business and first-class passengers.


In May, Etihad announced its premium travel experience, featuring private suites, apartments and business studios on its aircraft. The premium travel option is being offered on its Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.


The highlights of the new arrivals lounge include revitalizing shower units equipped with luxurious amenities, professional barbers to give a rejuvenating wet shave, a complimentary clothes steaming service, first class restaurant and much more.


If all of that weren’t enough Etihad’s new arrivals lounge includes the world-renowned Six Senses Spa, with its range of 15-minute treatments and a champagne bar that stocks the finest beverages in the world.


There has been much speculation as to whether Etihad will next try their hand at a 5-star hotel. If their new arrivals lounge is any indication of their ability, its safe to say they would succeed.


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