Celebrity Daddy’s Girls versus Girls with Daddy Issues


A father leaves a very important impression on his daughter’s life. This impression can either be positive or negative based on his actions as a father.


Daddy’s girl is a term usually used to mean that a girl’s father has provided a healthy nurturing impression on her life, normally helping to produce a successful well balanced woman.


A girl with daddy issues, on the other hand, is typically used to describe a woman who has not had a healthy relationship with her father and is now searching for a father figure to fill that void. This usually produces a woman who has issues, to put it mildly.


Here are some celebrities that are Daddy’s Girls and others who have Daddy Issues:


Daddy Issues:


Mackenzie Phillips

Well here are some Daddy Issues for you! “One Day at a Time” star Mackenzie Phillips is the daughter of singer John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas fame. According to Mackenzie’s tell-all memoir, High On Arrival, she first tried cocaine at the tender age of 11 with dear old dad.


John Phillips apparently fed her drugs throughout her teenage years. She also claims to have had an incestuous relationship with her father, which began at age 19, when she awoke from a drug-induced stupor to find him on top of her, “Gettin Busy”, and apparently just went along with it. Ah, Eeew!


Phillips claims the relationship lasted 10 years until she found herself pregnant with his baby, however, her father did pay for the abortion. Double Eeeew! Her father denied the accusations up until his death, and the rest of the family divided on who’s camp they were in.


Though Mackenzie often defends her father, insisting that he was “damaged” and he meant no harm, she also admits to having a touch of “Stockholm Syndrome” when it comes to her dad.


Tatum O’Neal

Child star and daughter of actor Ryan O’Neal, Tatum O’Neal has had to deal with some seriously bad parenting according to her autobiography A Paper Life. After her father divorced her mother, Tatum and her younger brother lived in squalor and neglect with their alcoholic, drug-addicted mother.


Tatum claims that her father was mainly out of the picture and she had been molested by one of her mother’s male “friends” at the age of six.


As a young girl, Tatum’s famous father moved her away from all of this, to live in Malibu, only to be physically and emotionally abused by him. Tatum also claims that her father allowed her to be molested by his drug dealer when she was only 12-years-old.


O’Neal claims that Ryan “slugged” her the night she was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Paper Moon, and neither parent attended the ceremony when she won at the age of 10.


When Tatum was a teenager, her father took her to clubs where they drank and did drugs. On vacation in Europe, she caught her dad having sex with her best friend, at the time, Melanie Griffith. The incident prompted Tatum to attempt suicide. Naturally, Ryan publicly and vehemently denied his daughter’s allegations.


Courtney Love

Courtney Love, whose claim to fame was being married to Nirvana front man, the late great Kurt Cobain, was neglected as a child. Love’s parents divorced when she was 5-years-old and her father’s custody was withdrawn after her mother alleged that he had fed LSD to Love when she was a toddler.


Love’s mother raised her among communes and the counter-culture of Oregon in the late 60’s and early 70’s. As a girl, Love was called “Pee Girl”, by her classmates because she would come to school wearing unwashed clothes.


Courtney Love’s mother sent her away to boarding school and then left the country for several years, abandoning her to the care of, first a family friend, and then an ex-stepfather.


At the age of 12, Love wound up in a juvenile correction facility and then bounced around between boarding school and reform schools. Her relationship with her father was horrible, when he was finally back in his daughter’s life, feeding the underaged girl drugs. At 16, Love gained legal emancipation from her negligent mother, only to pretty much stumble along the same path that they laid out for her.


Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore comes from a family of famous actors. The daughter of John Barrymore began acting at an early age with her breakout role as Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.


Barrymore also started her famous partying at a very early age. She spent much of her youth clubbing at Studio 54 and Limelight, by the age of 12 she was a full-blown alcoholic and drug addict in rehab.


Her equally hard-drinking famous father left before Drew was born, and he was largely absent throughout her life, except to occasionally call and ask her for money. At the age of 15, Drew filed for, and was granted, legal emancipation from her parents.


However, after cleaning herself up and growing up, Drew went on to star in several hit movies. She was also named an Ambassador Against Hunger for the UN World Food Programme (WFP). In 2007, she became both CoverGirl’s newest model and spokeswoman for the cosmetic and face of Gucci’s newest jewelry line.


In 2010, she was awarded the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a miniseries or Television Film for her portrayal of Little Edie in Grey Gardens.


Lindsay Lohan

When we hear the term “daddy issues” one name immediately comes to mind, Lindsay Lohan. Neither of Lohan’s parents could be called good parents. Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, did jail time for insider trading, was arrested for assault, DUI and may have fathered another woman’s child.


Lohan’s parents separated and reunited twice during her lifetime before finally divorcing in 2007, so her father didn’t spend much time in Lindsay’s life.


As a child, Lindsay had to listen to their private mudslinging, and when she became famous they took attacking each other into the public arena. When Lohan became famous, her father tried to ride her coattails to his own success, all in an attempt to make money off his daughter at any cost.


This style of parenting, no doubt lead to further fan the flames of Lindsay’s own personal battles with drugs, alcohol and mental instability. In and out of rehab and court for a wide range of bizarre actions, not all of Lohan’s problems are a result of her father. However, you have to believe that a lot of them were at least anchored in her upbringing.


Daddy’s Girls:


Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton has a top notch father, top notch as in President Bill Clinton that is. Whether you agree with his politics or not one thing can’t be disputed, how much he loves his daughter.


During the first few days of Chelsea’s life, Bill took her on father-daughter walks around the hospital, singing to her, rocking her and showing her off.


When the Clinton family moved into the White House, they wanted their daughter to have a normal childhood, well as normal as possible for the daughter of the President of the United States of America.


This loving relationship with her father paid off for Chelsea. In 2003, she joined the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in New York, and then went to work for Avenue Capital Group in the fall of 2006.


In November 2011, NBC announced that they hired Clinton as a special correspondent. One of her roles was reporting feature stories about “Making a Difference” for NBC Nightly News and Rock Center with Brian Williams.


It was a three-month contract that allowed her to also work for the Clinton Foundation and pursue her education.


In December 2007, Chelsea began campaigning in Iowa in support of her mother, Hillary Clinton’s, bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. She appeared across the country, and by early April 2008, she had spoken to 100 colleges on behalf of her mother’s candidacy.


Emma Watson

Actress, model and activist Emma Watson is proof that just because you may not have the perfect family, where your parents are still together, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a positive and loving relationship with both of them and also be successful in life.


Watson was born in Paris to English lawyers Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. Her parents divorced when she was still young and she moved to England to live with her mother, but spent weekends with her father.


Emma Watson achieved fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. She appeared in all eight Harry Potter films from 2001 to 2011, only acting in plays up until the time the series started.


The Harry Potter films earned Watson worldwide fame, critical accolades and more than $10 million. While working on Harry Potter she pursued other acting parts, first lending her voice to The Tale of Despereaux and appearing in the television adaptation of the novel Ballet Shoes.


Watson has been honored by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2014, winning for British Artist of the Year. That same year, she was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and helped launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate gender equality.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez holds several titles, she is an actress, singer, songwriter and dancer just to name a few. Born to loving parents Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez, Jennifer was taught at a young age the importance of remembering where you came from, family is important and a good work ethic is very important.


At the age of five, Lopez began taking singing and dancing lessons. Lopez’s parents encouraged their three daughters to put on performances at home, singing and dancing in front of each other and their friends so that they would stay “out of trouble”.


Jennifer Lopez gained her first leading role in the Selena biopic of the same name in 1997. She became the first Latina actress to earn over $1 million for a role the following year, in the film Out of Sight, and she broke into the music industry in 1999 with her debut studio album, On the 6.


Lopez is regarded as the most influential Hispanic performer in the United States, having broken racial barriers in the entertainment industry. The Record newspaper observed that she was responsible for the introduction of a Latin presence in the film industry.


In 2012, Forbes stated that Jennifer Lopez “may be the most powerful entertainer on the planet”. And she is still going strong.


Taylor Swift

From an early age, Taylor Swift’s parents were very supportive of her dream to be a singer. After watching a Behind the Music episode featuring Faith HIll, Swift felt sure that she needed to go to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a music career.


At the age of 11, she traveled with her mother to Nashville to submit a demo of Dolly Parton and Dixie Chicks karaoke covers with record labels along Music Row. She received label rejections and realized “everyone in that town wanted to do what I wanted to do. So, I kept thinking to myself, I need to figure out a way to be different.”


When Taylor was 12, she was taught how to play three chords on a guitar inspiring her to write her first song, “Lucky You.” After winning a national poetry contest with a poem titled “Monster in My Closet,” she turned her focus to songwriting.


After performing original songs at an RCA Records showcase, Swift was given an artist development deal and began making frequent trips to Nashville with her mother. When she was fourteen, her father transferred to the Nashville office of Merrill Lynch, where he worked, to be more supportive of Taylor’s career goal and to keep the family together.


Swift said in a statement, “My parents took all the pressure off by saying, ‘We’re just moving because we love the area, so don’t worry.’” They knew nothing about the industry and had no involvement in entertainment, but I was obsessed with it and so they did their research and read up about it to help me in every way they could. They’re amazing people.”


And the support of their daughter paid off with Swift receiving several awards and honors, including seven Grammy Awards, 16 American Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, seven Academy of Country Music Awards and 34 Billboard Music Awards.


Reese Witherspoon

Actress and producer, Reese Witherspoon’s parents were both over achievers in the medical field and set the same standards for their only daughter. Although Reese chose a different path in life she applied those same ethics to her education and acting career.


Described as a “multi-achiever” by her parents, who gave her the nickname “Little Type A”, Witherspoon told Interview magazine, “I just don’t see any of it as that remarkable. Maybe that’s the attitude I choose to have to keep me sane and keep my feet on the ground. I grew up in an environment where women accomplished a lot. And if they weren’t able to, it was because they were limited by society.

This outlook on life gained Witherspoon worldwide attention and praise for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, which earned her the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and the Critics Choice Award for Best Actress.

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