Why Make the Switch from Smoking to Vaping?


Vaping isn’t just a fad, there are infact several solid reasons why so many former cigarette smokers are switching to e-cigarettes in impressive numbers. Vaping is the next logical step for people who enjoy smoking but not the harmful health issues and social stigmatism that goes along with it. If you are one of these people, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at your alternatives, specifically vaping.

Vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes
This statement is really a two edged sword which some of the talking heads are using to their benefit. Yes vaping is “safer” than smoking a cigarette, however, that doesn’t mean it is safer than not smoking. E-cigarettes don’t contain all of the carcinogens that cigarettes contain, that is true, but nicotine is an addictive drug. So to say they were completely safe would be a lie. To say they are a much safer alternative than smoking a cigarette for someone who enjoys nicotine, that would be completely true.

No smell of smoke clinging to you
One of the worst parts of being a smoker is always smelling like an ashtray. No matter how hard you try to cover the smell of smoke in your clothes, on your body and on your breath, people will always know that you are a smoker. In today’s society, being a smoker is not too much better than being a person who tortures puppies and kittens for a hobby. Vaping does not emit a smoky smell, so the only way you advertise you are vaping is if someone sees you doing it.

No more cigarette burns
Into every smoker’s life a burn has occurred. Smokers wind up burning through (literally) hundreds of dollars worth of clothing every year because of cigarette burns. With vaping its pretty simple, no fire, no burns. More importantly you can even fall asleep in bed with an e-cigarette and not wind up burning down the whole house. You wouldn’t want to try that with a cigarette. I mean it, please don’t attempt this at home!

No more smoking outside
Even though the powers that be are busy trying to decide whether or not vapors will be allowed to come in out of the cold everywhere, one thing is for sure, it is pretty obvious that people who choose to vape won’t be banished to the cold outdoors like a dog just because they are choosing to exercise their rights. We are already finding that e-cigarettes do not emit harmful chemicals to people who are standing near a vapor. Oh and yes I said rights, I think that people who are looking for an alternative to ingest nicotine, which isn’t as harmful to themselves and not at all harmful to people around them, should be applauded, not hassled. So keep on vaping folks.

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