Freelance Rates – How To Charge What You’re Worth

The Wordsmith

Freelance rates are a point of contention among freelance writers and creatives, and hundreds of articles can be found on pricing methods and what to charge. Although there will always be debate on the exact pricing system freelancers should use, one thing is for certain – you need to know how to charge what you’re worth.

What Are You Worth As A Freelance Writer? ||

What Is Your Writing Worth?

Rather than tell you straight off the bat how to charge what you’re worth, it’s easier to first explain how not to charge.

When I first started freelance writing, I sold my services on a third-party site called Fiverr. Fiverr has become incredibly popular with the emerging gig economy, but it’s not somewhere you want to make a career. Fiverr is good for experience… not so much for your wallet.

Freelance writers often “race to the bottom” to offer the lowest price in an attempt to win the favor…

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