AVON’s Latest Brochure Filled with Quality Products at Major Discounts



Avon has been enhancing the beauty of women all over the world for over a century with affordable quality cosmetics that were sold door-to-door for a major part of that century.


“Avon calling, is the lady of the home available?” is a statement as American as apple pie, Chevrolet and yes, MOM.


Today, the Avon online brochure is an anticipated staple for women all over the country, and the AVON brochure campaign 19 for 2016 is no different than its predecessors.


For example, a lot of people think that Avon only sells cosmetics. Nothing could be further from the truth. Avon has been providing women with products to enhance their beauty for years.


Items like affordable and fashionable jewelry and accessories have always been a mainstay of the company. This brochure campaign offers a wide range of such items, in colors that are in style for fall and can either be worn to dress up for a night on the town, or even items that can add a little color and pizzazz for just going to work or to run errands. One such jewelry collection can be found on page 3 of the brochure.


One of the benefits of the Avon brochures has always been the ease with which the company has made beauty enhancement. Avon knows that you’re a busy person, with career and family you rarely, if ever, have the luxury of building the perfect wardrobe.


A wardrobe that includes not only cosmetics and beauty aids but also accessories. This is why Avon has always been geared toward making beauty and fashion easy for everyone. Affordable Fall Jewelry Collections that set off any outfit are just a click away.


A wonderful place to add a hint of Fall color to set off your outfit is your nails. This is why Avon’s Fall Brochure offers a large assortment of fashionable colors which will go with any outfit you choose, no matter the occasion.


Along with the crisp weather comes several great things to do this Fall. Make sure you’re prepared with color coordinated lipstick. The latest Avon Brochure not only makes sure you have enough choices, but ones that will compliment the season’s hottest colors.


Speaking of colder temperatures, what could go better on a crisp Fall night then a warm, cozy pair of slippers. Proving the statement true, Avon still is your one-stop for fashion and beauty. The new Fall brochure contains just about everything you’ll need this season to, not only enhance your beauty and make a fashion statement, but also be as comfortable as possible doing it. All for a lot less then you would spend somewhere else.


More important then looking good is feeling good, that is why Avon has always been an excellent source for quality full body care products at prices that blow away the competition.
You will find everything you need for healthier skin, hair and overall body. In the latest brochure from Avon you’ll receive all of these, quality products at their infamous and unbeatable discount pricing.

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