Writing an Eye Catching Book Description

I’ve said it before, publishing is a business, you have created a product that you want to sell. How do you go about drawing the most attention to your book that will get people interested enough to want to buy it?

The answer to this question is, you need to tell people they want to buy your book and they will, it’s as easy as that. I can’t help but envision some new authors taking this information literally and posting a description for their book that states “You want to buy this book, you want to read this book, you want to kiss me…….” I have a vivid imagination.

What I mean to say is you need to draw people’s attention to your book over all the others that are listed with it, then you need to convince them that your book is the one they want to buy and read. This is accomplished by, among other things, writing a great description which will not only grab their attention but also keep them interested enough to read it all the way through and then close the deal.

What will the reader gain by reading your book
With a non-fiction book you want to tell the reader how they will benefit from reading your book. The reader needs to know they will walk away with something from this transaction, not just another book but knowledge that will benefit them. In the case of a fictional book, you need to tell the reader how the book will make them feel and entertain them.

Say what you need to say
The length of the description doesn’t matter, make it as long as you need to get your point across. People today skim or speed read just about everything so you need to keep that in mind when writing your description and get your point across without extra babble.

Keep it interesting
The minute your description falls flat and you begin to bore the reader, you’ve lost them and subsequently you’ve lost the sale.

What do others have to say
Testimonials are great for a book’s description but they need to be believable and from real people who aren’t related to you or your friend. The quickest way to turn off a potential reader is to add a testimonial that is obviously from your mom. Don’t include a testimonial that goes something like, “Johnny’s book is the best book in the world…..” trust me people will know. Validate the person giving the testimonial by stating their name, where they are from and if they are connected to your book’s niche, then state that as well.

You are a writer, this is what you do, with a little bit of research you can write a killer description that will tell people they need to buy your book.

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