Why it’s Not a Good Idea to File Your Own Divorce



Filing a New Jersey Divorce is a complex process. There are several details of your current and future life up for negotiation, forms to be filed with the court and eventually standing in front of and addressing a judge.

Along the way there are several obstacles and loopholes to avoid. The courts call representing yourself “Pro Se,” which means without counsel. As a Jersey City Divorce and Family Attorney, I have helped many clients who have considered taking on the legal process without counsel and quickly realized they needed help.

I’ve also had clients who made it through the process only to realize that their agreements aren’t working or they made mistakes that are suddenly starting to cost them much more than they would have otherwise spent if they had hired an attorney.

The main reason people choose to file their own divorce is because they think it will save them money. In my experience most people wind up spending more money in the long run when they represent themselves rather than they would if they had hired a reputable New Jersey lawyer.

Some realize this and wind up spending even more to have a lawyer try to fix the mistakes they have made. By finding an honest and ethical attorney with an expert and efficient staff you will save money in several ways.

In the beginning many people think they have a cordial relationship with their soon-to-be-ex and therefore they can work things out between themselves without the need of counsel. What they don’t anticipate is that the excellent relationship may start to unravel when they start to get into the details of their arrangements.

An experienced Hudson County divorce lawyer can offer creative solutions and they will fight for the best deal possible to secure their client’s future. The fact is this is probably your first divorce, but for the lawyers at My Law Firm we have been through several and know exactly what to watch for and anticipate.

Working through the Bergen County court system takes experience and attention to detail. You not only have to put the correct agreements in place, but your forms need to be filled out correctly or the court will return them to you with little explanation.

The court will tell you that they can’t give you legal advice and they will direct you to either a lawyer or a law library to find the answers to your questions. The right attorney will meticulously prepare all of your divorce documentation, track progress and responses from the court and keep you informed at each step of the process.

In addition to the complexity of required court documents and filing procedure, the wording of your divorce needs to be precise. For example, the types of alimony you request in your paperwork can have significant ramifications including the length of time it is paid and for what reasons. You could either find yourself cut off in a short amount of time or wind up paying for too long whichever the case may be.
The most important thing to remember is, no matter how you get through the divorce process, the final agreements are legally binding. You will be legally bound to comply with the agreements including alimony and child support payments. If these aren’t calculated or negotiated properly it could cost you a lot more money.

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