Being a Father, The Most Important Role You’ll Ever Love

I’ve said it before, being a father isn’t just about making a mini-human. It goes way beyond that, and even though making a baby is a lot of fun (wink wink nudge nudge), being a daddy is a very rewarding and honorable calling.


As a father, you are a role model for your son and a yardstick for your daughter. A yardstick for her to measure every boy she meets up to you. So being a father is a huge responsibility, but it’s also achievable men have been doing it for thousands of years and we are actually good at it.


There are somethings you need to keep in mind, its not just about how you treat your child it’s also about how you treat yourself.


In realizing your are a role model you also need to realize that your actions will speak volumes. Bad habits will be interpreted as acceptable. The children that come from homes where the parents smoke are more likely to become smokers. I still remember the talk I had with my father about smoking. Even though he meant well it was hard to get his message when he sat there smoking a cigarette while telling me just how bad those things really were for me and I should never even start. Guess what the outcome of that one was.


We all slip up and drop an F-bomb or one of the other bad words.  Usually,  to our shock and embarrassment our little one will do  the same, as luck will have it though at the worst time and in front of an unappreciative person. It happens.


We need to change a lot of things when we become fathers. We need to stop only thinking of ourselves and start thinking of how our actions are going to effect and mold our children.


On the flipside of this discussion, if you have healthy and helpful habits your children will develop the same habits for themselves. Take care of yourself, eat healthy and live healthy then your children will most likely adopt these same traits in their lives.


After all, we want what’s best for our children and the easiest way to achieve this is to show them by example.
Good Luck Super Daddy!

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