5 Reasons Why Your Business Card Is Still Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

Even in today’s “digital age” you’re still better off doing some things “old school”. One of those things is handing out your business card. Even though it’s very hard to find a business person who doesn’t email, call or even hold meetings using a conference call, instead of flying half way around the world to hold a meeting in person. Handing out a business card should never be done away with.

Here are five reasons why every business person should always keep a good supply of business cards on hand at all times:

Sending contact information digitally is impersonal

Networking has always been, and will always be extremely important to any business. Even though sending your contact information digitally, through an email or a text, will always be quick and convenient. However, it will also be very impersonal.


If you want to make a solid connection with someone (which should be your goal), the only effective way to do this is in person, with eye to eye contact, a firm handshake and the presentation of your business card. Genuine connections are still made the old fashioned way, in person and with an actual conversation.

Still the most effective tool for effective marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing and social media marketing are extremely important marketing tools for all businesses. However, nothing is effective for attracting solid leads then a meeting in-person, with eye to eye contact, a firm handshake and the exchanging of business cards.


An effective first impression of your brand

A properly designed business card is an excellent first impression of your brand. No one wants their businesses’ first impression to say “I’m cheap and incompetent”. This is why you should always provide a business card, however, it should be properly designed.

Having a poorly designed business card is the same as writing your contact information on a napkin with a crayon, it’s not only ineffective it makes you look incompetent. An effective business card should do more than provide your contact information, it should say this is me and I guarantee I’m not only up to the challenge, I will succeed.

When I pass out my business card, I want to make a great first impression, I want to be unique and I want people to remember me.

Unique business cards get shared

A business card is a physical object that has the potential to be passed around and shared with other potential clients. If you have one that is unique, the chances are far greater for this to happen regularly.

A business cards says “I’m prepared”

We have all met the person who scrambles for a scrap piece of paper and a pen (or sometimes a crayon) when asked for their contact information. I don’t even have to explain what kind of first impression this person leaves me with. Not a good one, and I promise you I usually file their info in the “circular file”.

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