The Nissan IDS Concept Car – The Future of the Automobile



The Nissan IDS (Intelligent Driving System) concept car is drawing a lot of attention, which is understandable when you when you see it. First unrivaled at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show, the vehicle is autonomous, which Nissan calls Piloted Drive and electric.


The auto maker plans to roll out the concept car in two phases. The first phase will be the Pilot Drive 1.0 which will be offered to the Japanese market beginning this year, before the car is sold to China, Europe and the United States.


The Piloted Drive 2.0 will include the ability to handle highway speeds and multiple lane roads. This will include the ability to merge into traffic and change lanes. The company said, in a statement, that the IDS system will be available on multiple models worldwide by 2020.




The state-of-the-art interior includes four individual seats that turn toward the center to make conversation easier. The steering wheel folds up, and a large touch screen appears on the dash. With soft lighting, the cabin resembles relaxing in your living room.


The driver is offered various driving options due to AI (Artificial Intelligence), voice and body gestures, all adding to, not only the driving experience, but also the overall safety of the vehicle.


When the driver chooses to manually drive the vehicle, there is no doubt in their mind that they are in complete control. The steering wheel was designed to give the driver the feeling they are holding the reins of a horse.


The interior lighting also switches to blue, designed to stimulate the driver’s ability to concentrate on the task of driving.




The stylish suicide doors, without pillars, immediately bring back images of 1960’s era Lincolns, the exterior of the Nissan IDS is just as futuristic as the interior. For enjoying the trip, the roof is almost entirely glass and rests on a carbon fiber body.


The Nissan IDS offers a long wheel base, enabling a smooth luxurious ride that you would more expect from a gasoline powered luxury car rather than an autonomous electric vehicle. The long wheelbase also offers the driver, if they choose to drive the vehicle, the ability to hug the road and perform like a fine tooled expensive sports car.


The Nissan’s hollow-structure A-pillars help to ensure superb visibility in all directions, reducing blind spots and also contributing to the feeling of a wide open space.



Power Plant

Containing a 60 kWh battery, with a light carbon fiber body and clean aerodynamic design, the concept car is expected to meet and exceed the need for traveling long distances, boasting a pretty astounding 340 miles per charge.


Many are saying that the Nissan IDS concept car is not only the vehicle of the future, but what all cars, present day and in the future should offer the driver. Setting aside the fact that the vehicle is autonomous and electric Nissan’s new concept car offers a ride that brings to mind fine made automobiles.


However, one of the most impressive features of the new concept car is its ability to improve the driving experience by improving the driver’s ability to see, think and react to all driving conditions.


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One thought on “The Nissan IDS Concept Car – The Future of the Automobile

  1. Genuinely speaking, these sort of cars are the future. Being an automobile student, they teach us pasts. They don’t even care about these things. But I do. I’m a fan of IC engine. I do love F1 cars’s sound, doesn’t mean I would go around and destroy the nature for the sake of my baseless love. Ha.


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