Switzerland’s Sebastien Buemi Makes History in Formula E Racing

Switzerland's Sebastien Buemi Makes History in Formula E Racing


Switzerland’s Sebastien Buemi has made history in Formula E racing recently, when he became the first driver to win three Formula E rounds in row ever.


As the reigning champion and former Formula One driver, Buemi has now won all three races this season for the Renault e. dams team at Buenos Aires following Hong Kong and Morocco.


Buemi’s began his career in Formula E racing with the inaugural Formula E season for e. dams alongside Frenchman Nicolas Prost. Currently Buemi is the most successful driver in the series’ history having claimed more wins, poles, fastest laps and points than any other driver in the series.


Formula E Racing

Formula E is a class of auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars. This series started with its inaugural championship started in Beijing on September 13, 2014 and is sanctioned by the FIA.


The current Formula E championship is contested by ten teams of two drivers each. The race usually takes place on a temporary city-center street circuits which are approximately 2 to 3.4 km (1.2 to 2.1 mi.) long.


Currently, only the Mexico City ePrix takes place on a road course, a modified version of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez.


Race Day

The race lasts for about 50 minutes with the drivers making one mandatory pit stop to change cars. Changing tires during the race is not permitted, unless a change is necessary due to a puncture or some other detrimental damage to the tire. During a race, the maximum power is restricted to 170 kW. Points are awarded using the standard FIA system.



Fans are able to vote for their favorite driver, for every race, using various social media networks. Voting begins two weeks before a race and is open for voting up through the first six minutes of the race.


The three winning drivers each receive an extra 100 kJ of energy to be used in a power window between 180 kW and 200 kW.


Scoring Points

Points are awarded to the top ten drivers using the standard FIA system. Three points are also awarded to the driver who has the pole position. The driver who holds the fastest lap receives an additional point (two points during the first two seasons).


The championship consists of both a driver’s and teams’ championship. A driver’s end of season total is made up of their best results. A team’s total is made up by counting the drivers’ scores throughout the season.


With this past weekend’s win, Buemi leads the standings by 29 points from Brazilian Lucas Di Grassi with the next race to be held in Mexico City on April 1st.


Renault e.dams have now won half of all the Formula E races that have taken place. Jean – Eric Vergne, from France, was second in Saturday’s race for the Chinese Techeetah team with Di Grassi, who started on pole position, third for Team Abt Schaeffler Audi Sport.



This past weekend, Buenos Aires also got to see the first demonstration run of two driverless ‘Roborace’ development, or ‘DevBot’, electric cars running on the same track together at speeds reaching 185 kph.


The cars used sensors and on-board systems to navigate the street circuit while communicating with each other to avoid contact. However, one of the cars still managed to crash into the barriers.


An additional hazard was posed by a stray dog who found himself wandering onto the race track.


In a statement, Denis Sverdlov, Roborace’s Chief Executive said “This is a historic moment for Roborace and for the future of autonomous vehicle development,”


“Seeing these cars interacting at speed on a race track shows how fast the technology is progressing and how important a platform Roborace is for further development.


“It is so exciting to see these vehicles functioning without any human intervention, making their own decisions and taking appropriate actions in order to guide themselves around the track.”


Ultimately, Formula E organisers hope to have up to 10 driverless cars racing together. The goal is to have the teams write their own software, around city tracks as a support event to their series.


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