Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marble


For centuries, marble has been used to create opulent palace floors, ceilings and walls. Throughout history, marble has always been attributed to great wealth. Today it’s showing up, more and more, in everyday homes. In most cases, it’s primarily showing up in bathrooms.


It’s not always easy to find quality marble for a home’s design which will hold up the best to the situation required of it. That’s why I wanted to explain some of the pros and cons of marble’s durability.


What marble is

Marble is a rock that’s been around for thousands of years. Each piece of marble is different. It’s variety in veining and coloring is usually considered marble’s best trait.


Marble tile can have a uniformed or less uniformed veining pattern depending on the type and quality of marble you choose. Most high-quality marble will contain an even color palette with soft veining.


Advantages of Marble

Marble is extremely easy to work with, from an installers point of view. It’s a softer stone that can be easily milled, machined and cut. This gives marble multiple uses including counters, flooring, walls, crown moldings and door casings.


Marble is also available in a wide variety of coloring and vein patterns. With a color and pattern to go with most any taste in decor, it isn’t difficult to find a natural marble that will go great with any application you choose for it.


The disadvantages of marble

Since marble is a soft stone, it’s very absorbent. If you have marble in your shower and you dye your hair in it, the dye can stain the marble. Marble is also easily etched by solutions with a high acid content. This means that some cleaning solutions and products with lemon can damage your marble.


Since marble contains minerals, there is always a chance that a piece of marble’s iron content can turn to rust. This isn’t always known until it happens.


Types of common finishes

There are two main types or finishes you can choose from in marble:


Honed Finish – Created by sanding the surface so the marble is a soft and matte finished. Honed marble won’t show scratches as much, but this also makes the stone less bright and makes it more susceptible to staining since the pores are open.


Polished Finish – The marble is polished to a shiny exterior and won’t stain as easily, however, it will show scratches and etching easier. Polished surfaces are shiny and bright, but will be worn down over time.


Marble Maintenance

Many people believe that, since marble can be susceptible to staining and rust, it should be sealed with a quality sealer and maintained on a regular basis this is an excellent idea to keep your marble looking great for years to come.


When cleaning, you should avoid using strong, harsh cleaners, and nothing with an acid base, to prevent etching or damage to the sealer.


As with anything else, marble has its good points and its drawbacks so you will need to decide if, in fact, it will be your best choice for your home’s decor. One thing is for sure, marble is a beautiful option and, if properly cared for, will hold its beauty for years to come.


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