What Your Industrial Spill Kit Should Consist of

What Your Industrial Spill Kit Should Consist of


A spill kit is an all-in-one kit which stores all of the equipment you need to clean up any type of hazardous material spills your business may encounter. The government requires any business that handles hazardous material needs to have a kit available to handle a spill in case of an emergency to lessen the damage that may occur.


Spill kits are a precautionary measure whose contents will differ depending on the type of material you handle on a regular basis. However, there is one basis that is standard for all spill kits.


You need to have available any type of products and equipment necessary to handle the type and quantity of spill that is possible.


Different Types of Basic Spill Kits

When broken down, there are three different categories of spills:


It’s important for business owners to carefully identify their specific needs in the case of a spill, when choosing a spill kit that will best suit their needs. Here is an idea of some of the basic spills that can occur.


General Purpose – As the name suggests, a general purpose spill kit is designed for both water-based liquids as well as hydrocarbons. General purpose spill kits will be made up of grey absorbents that make them effective for cleaning up water and hydrocarbons.


Oil Only – A spill kit for only oil will contain white absorbents that are designed for cleaning up hydrocarbons such as oil and gasoline. The absorbents found in this kit float on water for more effective clean up.


Hazmat – The third type of spill kit is a hazmat kit, which is designed for spills that involve highly corrosive acids and solvents. Hazmat spill kits will contain yellow colored absorbents.


The Contents or a Spill Kit

The exact contents of a spill kit will depend on each company’s specific needs to handle an emergency spill. However, there are some basic items found in most spill kits.


Some of the more common items found in spill kits will include safety equipment, to protect the people involved in the cleanup. These items usually include safety goggles, gloves, disposable bags and pads.


Before purchasing a spill kit, you need to carefully check its contents to ensure it will handle the specific requirements of your company.


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