Why Men Love Their Sheds

Why Men Love Their Sheds


When you hear the term “shed” you get visions of a small dirty little building on your property that, besides cobwebs and several other creepy crawlies, you will find a couple of old, rusty lawn mowers (if you’re lucky, at least one of them will work) and various other garden tools in different forms of disarray.


Well, that is the usual picture you may come up with, however, not anymore. Today, during man’s ever increasing desire to hide from his significant other, in places that are called “man caves” (a fitting term since most women think we’re a bunch of animals anyway) the “shed” is taking on new meaning.


While our American counterparts will typically turn their garage into a man cave, stocked with old furniture, a refrigerator (to keep the beer cold) and various other “manly” goodies. Australian men get the prize for ingenuity in their quest to hide their manly shenanigans from “honey”.


Our Australian “honeys” will never think of looking for us in a dirty old shed! However, when you take a look inside this new age of sheds you will typically find what you would least expect.


The New Man’s Cave

Dirty old bug infested shed, that’s what she thinks. Always ingenious and creative, men all over the country are turning their regular sheds into a man cave any man worth his “Dude Card” would be proud of.


We aren’t talking about just any man cave we’re talking about sheds that have been turned into personal pubs, stocked with a flat-screen TV, a mini bar, comfy bar stools and even a dart board.


Sheds that contain couches that you sink into, an impressively stocked library of current action flicks and even a surround sound stereo system. Sheds all over the country are being turned into impressive getaways that where a guy can go to escape the stresses of everyday life and just relax.


Shed Design Inspiration – Prize Winning Sheds

Readersheds has been awarded the shed of the year for 7 years now and I have to say some of these sheds are extremely cool and great for inspirations as to what you could do with a shed. Some of the past winners include:


Shed of the year 2016 – The West Wing is a shed that actually looks more like a small house, including three sections, with the largest section containing a bed in the loft space. The second section contains a secret bookcase for the creator’s children to use and the final section is a workshop and storage area.


Shed of the year 2015 – The Inshriach Distillery. According to its creator, only a couple of years ago this was nothing more than a dilapidated hen house and an assorted pile of old junk. Now the shed consists of a Farm Shop, Ladies Waiting Room, Saloon Bar and Distillery.


The owner sells items they have whittled, eggs and even fresh produce from their garden. The ladies waiting area consists of a velour piano bar and the saloon is fashioned after a dirty old west gin joint.


Shed of the year 2014 – The Allotment Roof Shed is basically a workshop, used for repairing bicycles. The next section of the shed is a music studio, equipped with sound proofing and various musical instruments and sound equipment.


The thing makes this shed so unique and interesting enough to be the winner for the year is its roof.  The roof of the shed is a Green Roof, used to grow all sorts of vegetables and plants.


The shed is also “green” in every sense of the word, the lights are powered by solar panels and the heat is provided by a wood burning stove.


There are truly some unique things you can do with your shed from Australia’s leading supplier of sheds, Col Western Sheds. So, the next time you are over a friend’s house and you notice the shed out in the backyard, take a peek inside, you may be surprised what you find.

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