How to Develop an Effective Business Signage Plan



Whether your business is well-established or you’re just starting out, signs and graphics are invaluable marketing tools that shouldn’t be overlooked. A quality, professional and eye-catching sign can help your business stand out among your competitors and bring in a lot of new business.


It is crucial to integrate a signage strategy into every effective marketing plan. This article will take a look at why your business should have a strategic signage plan, what to include in your plan and the details for making your signage as memorable and effective as possible.


Why do you need a sign?

Most often a sign is the first contact anyone will have with your business and should give a positive and lasting impression. Besides a first impression, here are a few reasons your business should develop a strategic signage plan to increase sales and brand loyalty:


  • Signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.
  • A sign introduces you to people passing by, who might not even know about your business.
  • Signs work 24/7, 365 days a year advertising your business.
  • Businesses may increase sales just by adding a good sign.
  • Signs displaying your logo create brand recognition.


Come up with a Plan

Devise a plan, put it into writing and commit to reviewing it quarterly to measure your performance. Next, create a budget for both interior and exterior signage and consult a design professional at Display System to devise a strategy. Different businesses have different needs and a detailed graphic design plan will help you narrow which direction to choose.


Here are some different signs and graphics that could work for your business:


  • Banner Stands
  • Popup Systems
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Tension Fabric Displays
  • Flags
  • POS Systems
  • Brochure Holders


It’s all in the details

Before putting up any outdoor signage, you must consider details like permits and maintenance. Check your city’s guidelines regarding signs. After obtaining any necessary permits for outdoor signs, you should evaluate what types of resources you have or need for your sign.


Make your sign memorable

Professional signs and banners are very effective advertising tools and help people notice and remember your business, even if they weren’t looking for it. How well a sign does for your business depends largely on how easy it is for people  to see and read it while walking, or driving by your business.
With a well planned signage design strategy, and help from the professionals at Display Systems, your business will be able to create a striking, informative and lasting signage plan that will accurately represent your brand and its mission.

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