Gogobot Traveling to the Moon Fueled on Popularity

Gogobot first came on the scene a short time ago in a big way, gaining 1 million users in only a short two months. Since that impressive entrance, the social travel website has been on an explosive journey to the stars.

Now with 3.7 million registered users it has become the fastest growing travel site on the web. During the summer travel month of July, Gogobot was a more popular website than AirBnB, Bing Travel or Hipmunk in the U.S. However, this doesn’t include mobile traffic.

It is true, however, it is still less than half as popular as Frommer’s and a fraction of the sized of Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor, but it also hasn’t been around nearly as long.

Gogobot is popular because it helps you get travel recommendations from your own friends in your own social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The site automates the process, rather than the user having to ask friends, “Where is a great place to eat in Los Angeles?”

If your friends aren’t able to help you with your travel questions, or you are going to an out of the way exotic destination, the site’s expert travel writers can. Or you can join a “tribe” and trade tips with other users who have the same travel needs as your self, in the categories of adventure, budget, backpackers, foodies, history buffs and more.

The site will also book your reservations and keep a travel log for you that includes, your photos, favorite restaurants, etc. All of this can also be done right from your smartphone as well.

Before founding Gogobot, Travis Katz formerly ran the international business for Myspace. Cofounder Ori Zaltzman was the chief architect of an innovative Yahoo search service, Yahoo BOSS, as well as working on Yahoo Answers.

Just recently, the site has made it easier for users to create plans together. This past month, they started a new feature on their website and mobile apps that will allow users to share things they would like to do when they travel.

The Shared Trip Planning feature, which does what it’s name suggests, will let users create a trip plan which they can then share with others. This new feature works best with people you are already planning a trip with and lets everyone see what everyone else is thinking. All of these thoughts are then rolled into one trip.

This new feature is cloud based so that when one person in the group makes an addition or change, it can then be accessed by all of the other people in the group on any device they use.

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