Valuable Help Writing Your First Novel

Valuable Help Writing Your First Novel


Beginning any book is a daunting endeavor when it’s your first book the task is even more difficult. You start with a great idea for a book. A wonderful story you know others will enjoy reading. You sit at the keyboard ready to go, and that’s where it becomes a frightening venture into the unknown.


Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, that’s why I came up with these suggestions to make starting your first book easier and less traumatic.


What’s your book about?

Begin by trying to summarize your book in only one sentence. Pretend you’re writing a blurb for the book jacket. Describe the story in interesting detail to make the reader want to pick up the book and read it all the way through. If you’re unable to describe the story in one sentence, you may not be focused enough yet. Rethink your story line and try this again.


Know what you write, write what you know

A famous saying, among writing teachers, is “Write what you know,” meaning you should take advantage of your personal experiences and write about things you are familiar with.


This is great advice, especially when writing fiction. If you are writing about something outside of your normal experiences, you need to make sure you provide thorough research, so you have a complete understanding of what you’re writing.


Create interested readers

What is the easiest way to make your book interesting to your readers? The secret to maintaining the interest of your readers isn’t to write about well-known topics.


The secret to keeping your readers interested is to create a main character that your readers feel like they know. Create real people. Then put your main character in a situation where they have a lot at stake. The situation need not be of major importance; it needs to be important to them.


Don’t show your whole hand in the first couple of chapters

The more information you think up about your characters and the setting, the more realistic your story will become to your readers. But, you don’t want to tell your readers everything in the first chapter.


Keep most of this information to yourself and dole it out as the story unfolds. This will keep your readers interested and turning the pages to learn all they can about the characters and setting of the book. Otherwise, there isn’t any reason to read the whole book.


Keep your characters true to themselves

If your characters act a certain way throughout the book don’t force them to act differently just because a scene may sound better otherwise. If you do, your readers will notice and not be very happy. The character will no longer seem real to them, and that is a very important part of any book



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