My American Brothers and Sisters

My American Brothers and Sisters.jpg


I feel the need to take this moment to offer my brothers and sisters my prayers. As most of you, I’ve been watching the news about the current hurricanes that are devastating large areas of our country.


As awestruck I am when I see the pictures of the complete devastation. The video of people who had so little to begin with, lose whatever they did have. However, I’m amazed at the pictures and videos of my brothers and sisters setting aside their differences to help each other.


After seeing such blatant hatred in the news just a few weeks ago, I now see black men carrying white children to safety. I see white men carrying an asian woman and her baby to safety.


I see a rainbow of different colored people helping the same in a shelter. Young men and women helping the frail and frightened elderly have a meal and a warm, dry place to lay their weary heads.


So, now we ask ourselves are these people heroes? Surely we must call them heroes.


No, that’s wrong, the word hero doesn’t seem to fit. These brave folks aren’t truly heroes. They are something grander. They are Americans, and this is what we do. We all have the right to our different opinion.

I’m not lowering myself to include bigotry or racism in this comment. I mean some of us are Republicans some are Democrats. Some believe in small government, while some believe it’s the job of the government to be more involved in our lives.

Like brothers and sisters we argue. Like siblings we disagree. But when someone or something threatens or harms our brother or sister we are always the first to stand by them and offer a helping hand or defend and protect them with no concern of our own safety.

It’s what we do. We are American brothers and sisters and we are white, we are black, we are  brown. Whatever the case may be, we are family and we hold one belief true above all else.

You don’t dare mess with family!


Tomorrow is also the anniversary of one of America’s darkest days. Sixteen years ago, cowards thought they could destroy the very fabric we hold dear. As the song goes. But instead, they rattled this old dog’s cage.

As soon as we could see clearly through our big black eye. We put a boot in their ass because that is the American way. It’s what we do.

We offer help, we offer shelter, we offer kindness. But, if you hurt one of ours only God can save you.

So, today I say, to all of my brothers and sisters who are suffering from these devastating storms, lean on me because I’m your brother.

For those who lost loved ones on 9-11. We won’t ever forget, you are in my prayers.

For my brave brothers and sisters who are protecting my freedom every day, God Bless you and God’s Speed. Because you are always in my prayers and I’m indebted to you.


God Bless my brothers and sisters and God Bless the United States of America.

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