Helpful Tips on Writing Your First Novel

Helpful Tips on Writing Your First Novel



It’s true that all of the famous authors became famous for a reason. They were very talented, creative and imaginative. They had an ability to think up an interesting and imaginative story and put it on paper.


Successful authors are great storytellers. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a successful author. You can, and with these helpful tips, I’m going to help you write that first book.


Write a story you would want to read

It’s pretty simple, writing a story about something you’d want to read, don’t write a story about something you think will be a bestseller, or one that you think everyone will love. Think about the books you enjoy reading, the ones that you consider real page turners, the books you just can’t put down.


The story you choose may not even be able to fit neatly into a specific genre. It may be about a certain type of story or about a specific character, the point is write what you love.


Start with a character

Begin with your character. Make them real and believable. Make them flawed and imperfect. Give your character the freedom to surprise you. If your character is able to surprise you, they’ll surprise your readers and keep them interested. Make your character a real living and breathing person with all sorts of real life challenges and imperfections, make them believable.


Give your characters a compelling challenge

Your characters need to have something that’s going to challenge them, torment them and propel them forward. Conflict is at the heart of every good story, whether it’s internal or external, make it a good one. Remember this conflict will shape your character and forever leave them changed.


Keep things jumping

You can have the best characters in the world of literature, and write to perfection, but if your story isn’t constantly moving forward, the story gets boring pretty quick. Make sure you have something important going on in every scene.


If a scene just isn’t working to move the story forward, take it out and rewrite it. Always keep the story interesting, moving forward and consistent. If you find the story boring, then your readers will feel the same.


Make it believable

I’m sure you are thinking, “how believable can I make a story about fairies?” What I mean is, as with your characters, make your story believable as well. This may not be the easiest rule to follow, however, you should make the story believable without trying to pull a fast one on your readers.


Don’t wait until the end of the book to bring in a character that will solve the whole mystery. Or, don’t keep a mystery going toward one character being the guilty party, only to introduce a character at the end who did it all. Readers don’t like to get tricked, especially not mystery readers.


Stick with it

While writing your book, you’ll want to give up at least a thousand times. Don’t do it, finish the story. Then work twice as hard to revise it. Do your best to get it out to your readers.


When it’s rejected by agents and publishers (it will be) keep sending it out. Look into self-publishing, whatever you have to do to get your story out there. The agents and publishers aren’t your audience, your readers are, and they are the people that count. Then start on your next book. You will keep improving with every book your write.


There are no “golden rules” to writing a book, if there were, I would let you know. I’m always willing to help someone avoid the mistakes and challenges I’ve gone through. However, to be honest, going through the process is the only way you can improve. And you will improve, I promise.

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12 thoughts on “Helpful Tips on Writing Your First Novel

    1. My pleasure, we have to take care of our own otherwise who else will. If you like I’ll do it more often since you do have a very informative blog. And maybe you can return the favor if the situation ever arises. Keep up the GREAT work and let’s spread the words together.

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    1. Good for you! Good luck with it and just remember when the bad days come, and they will, keep your eye on the prize and you’ll make it. I have other articles about writing, research, editing and tips. I’ll dig them out and post them maybe you’ll find them useful.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and join a discussion I really appreciate it.

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    1. Sounds Great! You have a really great blog as well. I think so highly about your content that I’ve shared some of your articles with my fellow writers on Twitter and trust me that’s saying something. I don’t share just any content with my friends. So you also keep up the great work.

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