Are Modern Horror Movies More Gory Than Scary?



A majority of modern day horror movies seem to be in a competition with each other to create the most disgusting and bizarre mutilations of the human body ever seen. It can almost be guaranteed there will come a point where they will just plain run out of ideas. Maybe then they will have to go back to actually scaring people.


I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a good slasher flick and, of course, to each their own. I’m also not pretending to be a professional movie critic, nor am I saying that my opinions reflect the general public.




However, you have to agree that most horror filmmakers could just throw some ground beef and a few buckets of fake blood around and call it a “Horror Movie”. One of my favorite horror flicks of all time is a film called The Exorcist, maybe you’ve heard of it.


Sure, The Exorcist had its fair share of gore and disgust (remember the pea soup) but it was mainly the psychological thrills that played on one of our greatest fears, the fear of pure evil. If that wasn’t enough, the movie also showed that demons could posses a cute, seemingly normal, little girl.




Next would have to be The Omen. Now, granted, Damien was pretty creepy whether or not he was possessed by the devil. However, you throw Satan into the mix and you’ve got another great horror movie that plays on our fear of pure evil and the unknown.


I think one of the scariest parts in the omen is when the nanny jumps out the window and hangs herself, after yelling “Damien I love you! Look at me Damien…it’s all for you!”. I found this scene to be extremely frightening and I don’t really know why, maybe it was seeing a person hung. These are what I call “horror” movies, not scenes of complete and grisly mutilation. After awhile it all becomes common. We are becoming desensitised to gore.




Another great horror movie, in my opinion, was Carrie. I think the reason Carrie was so frightening to me is because, we all knew that person in high school who was picked on. Maybe it was us. In this case, however, the young girl who was being bullied turned the tables on the bullies, big time!


This could be an obvious answer to bullying in our schools, make it mandatory for all students to watch Carrie. This movie, along with those frightening movies they show in driver’s training ought to change a lot of minds real quick.


Do you notice a common theme with these great horror movies? First, they are all about demon possession and second, the victim’s are all children. There isn’t too many things more unnerving than harm coming to children or the fact that children can be pure evil rather than sweet and innocent.


The fact that the devil really does exist and can cause such havoc is another very disturbing element in these movies. It is the unknown that has always scared us most as a civilization. That is why these movies are classics, they know just which nerves to touch and how to do it.




Rosemary’s Baby is another classic! It takes the theme of sweet innocent children to a whole new level by featuring a baby. Babies are innocent, sweet and cute. Who doesn’t love babies? Well, think again, Rosemary’s baby Adrian is no bundle of joy!
My feelings are we need more movies that are less “blood fests” and more “scare your socks off” type horror movies. I would really like to hear what my your thoughts are on the topic of what makes a horror movie scary and what you think of the majority of modern horror movies, so please leave a comment and let’s start a discussion.


30 thoughts on “Are Modern Horror Movies More Gory Than Scary?

    1. I hear ya! If it isn’t some half naked blonde bimbo running from a pile of intestines on the floor, well it just isn’t a classic horror flick now is it lol.

      Now the psychological films were much more challenging to create. A person had to know how to push the right buttons at the precise time in our brains to set off the explosion of fear chemicals running through our brain.

      I’m make light of it but if you really think of it you need to be part psychologist just to be worth your salt.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to share your comment, I’m really happy you found my blog useful and important enough to take the time to comment.

      I look forward to hearing from you again my friend.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I’m really glad you found my blog useful. No, I’ve never written for any film site which is probably one of the only few sites I haven’t written for lol.

      That does sound like an interesting and fun gig I think. I love movies especially horror, thriller and mystery. I also love old films. Some people don’t like the old black and white films but I think the producers had a much more difficult task. They had to bring a bring a picture to life without any living color.

      Thanks again and I hope you find more interesting articles on my site and have the time to share your comments.


      1. It sounds like you and I have similar taste – I’ll take a good old black and white over most modern blockbusters any day! I happen to work here at, and I think your content would really resonate with our audience. Would you be interested in giving it a try?


      2. Great minds think alike! The old black and white movies had character and were an entity all to themselves. Like I said I’ve never written for a movie site (probably the only topic I’ve never covered lol) but I would love to give it a try. I think it would be really fun. Please send me an email so we can talk about this further.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing It. This is the scariest of Stephen King’s books in my opinion. I remember reading it and actually feeling scared in the dark as an adult. The television version of the book relied heavily on the psychological aspects of the story to scare us because the use of gore on T.V. was not allowed during that time. I haven’t seen the new movie, but I’m hoping it has not strayed from the psychological aspects of the story to scare the audience.


    1. Don, I’m with you on the movie “IT”. When the first one came out I was in my early 20s and it also scared the socks off me. I’ve often thought that I found the movie so unsettling is because the monster was in the form of a character we have all loved as children. A harmless circus clown.

      My favorite horror movies of all time are psychological thrillers. I can do without gore, not because I’m squeamish (if anything movies have left me desensitized) but because most “horror” flicks rely on it. It’s just become boring to me. My all time favorite horror film still to this day is “The Exorcist” from 1973.

      I was only 5 when it came out so I of course didn’t see it when it first came out but I still remember one night, after going to bed, I was thirsty, so I came into the living room to ask my mother for a glass of water. When the movie came out there was controversy about how disturbing it was.

      My mom was watching a late night talk show where they were discussing the movie and they showed a clip of the girl flopping in bed with her feet seemingly secured to the bed and the rest of her body stiff and bouncing up and down.

      That was it for me! I was terrified from that time on lol. I couldn’t sleep for days, I would check behind the shower curtain when going into the bathroom all that. I’m not joking full on terror lol.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and share your thoughts I look forward to chatting with you further.

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  2. I’ve seen the movie IT, and it strayed so far. I was so disappointed. But I won’t say anything else. You might like it and you might not. I read the book in High school and I had to stop reading it and look under my bed looool, the more it scared me the better I liked it. The original movie IT was awesome. They are talking about a sequel to IT this time they said they are going to tell how Pennywise the clown became IT. I’m dreading it some, but I’d also like to know how Pennywise happened.


    1. My daughter went to see “IT” and said it was great, but then again you know how this new generation doesn’t have any taste lol. I saw the original movie on TV last week, I guess it was advertising for the upcoming movie and I have to tell you it was so chachki that I couldn’t believe it scared the bejeebers out of me when it first came out LOL.

      I’m a believer that the book is always better than the movie and Mr. King is one of the best known authors of our time but there were only a couple of his books I wanted to finish. I enjoy his movies better and “IT” was one of my favorites. They say that, as a nation, we are all scared of clowns because of serial killer John Wayne Gacy and how he would dress up like a clown (he volunteered to entertain the kiddies) and kill his victims.

      Who knows but they are creepy buggers lol. I agree with you a sequel would probably be a disaster but I’d also like to see how Pennywise came about. If they do it, hopefully they won’t butcher it (pun intended lol).

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment I enjoyed your input and experience with a classic horror story.

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  3. You are very welcome…. Yes kids have different taste in movies. My daughter won’t watch horror movies at all. The original one was so much better, and I loved Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown. This new Pennywise was horrible. I was disappointed, even the kid actors were horrible. Yes I don’t like clowns either. I’ve read almost all Stephen King books. IT was my favorite and then The Green Mile, just loved that book.


    1. Me too! I loved “The Green Mile” the only thing I don’t care for in some of King’s books is the Sci-Fi parts. I don’t care for a lot of Sci-Fi movies and books.

      Another book I loved from King was “11/22/63” I absolutely loved it. I love history and time travel so it was a the perfect blend and I read the 100,000 (not the actual number of pages but it was a lot) pages in like a week.

      I also really liked “Needful Things” and “Insomnia” those were some good ones in my opinion. What is your favorite book from Stephen King?

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      1. I enjoyed Under the Dome, it was a very thick, loooong book. You know on some of Kings books I’m sometimes disappointed with the monsters.. I loved Pennywise the clown, but when I found out it was a huge evil spider I was like OMG I’d rather it stayed the clown looool. Eyes of the Dragon is also good. Destination is another good looooong book. There’s so many more. Another Author I just love is Dean Koontz, he wrote the Frankenstein series they were awesome 5 books. Yes Needful Things was another good one.


    1. I’ve never seen it but now I have to. I got soooo tired of the “sex symbol” vampire scene I wanted to puke garlic lol. Bela Lugosi would’ve been sick. Here’s a secret I don’t tell many people, so you should feel honored, I loved to dress up as Count Dracula for Halloween when I was little. I also once dressed up as James Dean Dead that was fun when I went to a Halloween party and my date was a dead bobbysoxer.


      1. I’m sick of vampires to. The only 2 vampire movies I really enjoyed was Salem’s Lot, and The Lost Boys. But I do believe you’d like Silver Bullet. My mom dressed me up in the most embarrassing costume when I was a child. She said Tammy I found you the best costume and I was so happy, until she opened the closet door and it was Big Bird costume. I said I AM NOT WEARING THAT. She’s like Tammy you’ll look so adorable in it. Omg I was so angry and embarrassed, but I did get a lot of compliments, but I pouted the whole time loooool……


    1. I am 100% with you on that one. I love a real good “whodunit” as for horror movies I love the psychological scary movies better than gore. That’s why the original “The Exorcist” from 1973 is still my all time favorite.


  4. I agree with you. I’m so over blood and all that nonsense that I rather not watch those type of movies. I have not seen all the movies that you have mentioned, but I will definitely plan to watch it soon. I like horror movies that have a good story as well. One of my favorite horror movies is Dead Silence. It’s not too scary if you compare it with movies like Exorcist, but I like its story of how the Ventriloquist comes to haunt the family of those who killed her.


    1. Oh yeah ventriloquist are creepy as heck lol I’ve never seen it but now I’ll make it a point to check it out since we seem to have the same taste in horror movies.

      It’s not even that blood and gore makes me sick I think it’s just plain dumb and soooooo done.

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      1. Krampus is a Christmas horror film about boy that is fed up with his bickering family during the Christmas festivities. His broken spirit of the holiday calls upon Krampus an ancient evil demon that punishes those that deserve judgement. Armed with his demonic hordes disguised as popular Christmas toys, Krampus fulfills his duty of Christmas slaughter.

        Krampus was directs by Michael Dougherty, who also gave us another horror great titles Trick r’ Treat, an anthology horror Halloween film. Krampus is a well written and extremely well shot film that pertains to fans of Evil Dead and all 80s practical effects style movies. It doesn’t rely on CGI and uses it sparingly. The movie is funny, exciting and also innocently scary as well.


  5. I seriously believe that every scary movie now-a-days are COMPLETELY THE SAME. They all have the same template to them. Especial their trailers. It drives me absolutely insane and as a fan of scary movies, I’ve honestly stopped watching them. There is no originality anymore and it drives me bonkers.


    1. THANK YOU! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who has that opinion of modern day “Scary” movies. Always the same. Young blonde women wearing nearly nothing if they’re wearing anything at all. Everyone is a complete moron who goes where no sane person would ever go and does what no sane person would ever do. They also stay in a house, insane asylum, (enter your choice of scary building here). Then of course, there are the inumerous hacked off body parts and hundreds of gallons of blood.

      There is a commercial that describes the modern “scary” movie perfectly, I’m sure you’ve seen it before, a group of teens have the choice of getting into the running car or going into the shed with running chainsaws and where a scary guy is standing. So, instead of choosing to get into the car that’s running and get the heck out of Dodge, they of course go into the shed with the scar guy and the running chainsaws that are all hanging from the ceiling.

      A perfect description of today’s stupid “horror” flicks. I’m with you though. I share your sentiment of “horror” flicks. I can’t remember the last one I went to see in the theater. Here’s a great topic for our conversation.

      What is the last horror movie you went to the theater and payed full price to see? A movie you were really excited to go and see.

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      1. I just recently went and saw the new It movie but I didn’t pay for it, my boyfriend did, and I honestly didn’t think it was that bad. But that’s because this was based off of a classic. The story line was already written back in a time where originality was at peak. Otherwise I don’t remember the last scary movie I went to see. I’ve kind of just stopped watching them.


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