Is Thigh Lift Surgery Right for You?



Thighs and legs have become increasingly problematic areas for many people as they age. For most people, the thigh area is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to firm up even with regular dieting and exercise.


Fat, cellulite and excess skin accumulates on the thighs, making people look actually heavier than they may be. This sagging skin makes many people feel self-conscious about their personal appearance, keeping them from doing many things they’ve enjoyed in the pasts.


Fortunately, there is a solution. Thigh lifts can help people to regain their self-confidence and allow them to do the things they used to enjoy without being self-conscious.


Thigh Lift or Thighplasty

A thigh lift, also known as thighplasty, can give you firmer, more attractive, thighs by removing excess skin for those who struggle with loose, excess skin that occurs after extensive weight loss.


There are several techniques available to plastic surgeons which allows them to customize the procedure to the individual needs of the patient.


Eligibility for a Thigh Lift

If the skin on your thighs is sagging because of a collection of loose, sagging skin, a result of losing a significant amount of weight, a thigh lift will give you a much trimmer, more youthful appearance.


Anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their thighs and receive a trimmer, firmer more youthful appearance thighplasty may be an option worth considering.


However, to be a good candidate for the procedure there are some requirements you will need to meet to ensure the surgery will be a healthy and successful choice for you. These requirements include:


  • The ability to maintain a stable weight is a requirement, if you haven’t reached your total weight loss goals, losing more weight after the surgery could cause the tissue on your thighs to droop again. This is why you need to be sure you have met your weight loss goal.


  • You need to be in good overall health, chronic health conditions can jeopardize your safety during the procedure. You need to discuss all of your known health concerns with your plastic surgeon during the first consultation so they can ensure your safety and the success of the procedure.


  • Being a non-smoker is important because this can disrupt the healing process and increase your risk for complications. Your doctor may consider you a candidate if you stop smoking for a specific length of time.


  • Not being a heavy drinker, this can also impair your recovery and raise your risk for serious complications.


  • Being psychologically healthy is important, since the procedure is both physically and emotionally strenuous. Previously diagnosed psychological conditions can add to this strain and cause complications.


  • Having realistic expectations for the procedure which is important and your doctor will explain what to expect from the surgery.


  • Having a commitment to continuing a healthy diet and exercise so you’re able to maintain the results you received from the procedure.


Having a thigh lift procedure can remove unsightly sagging skin from your thighs, give your thighs a firmer, more youthful appearance and give you back your self-confidence allowing you to get back to living the life you once had.


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