An Apology to all Women from a Man

An Apology to all Women from a Man.png


I’m in no way jumping on the expected male bandwagon, nor is this just another empty offer to benefit my followers. It’s also not because I’ve been blessed with 5 daughters.

I deeply feel the need to apologize to my female followers for the male population, in regards to these disturbing, criminal, disgusting and sickening crimes against women that have gone on forever, but are just now coming to light, as more women gain the strength to stand up to powerful men and say enough is enough.


I’ve always told my teenage daughters that I know what teenage boys are all about because “I was a guy before I became a daddy”. That is true, however, I was never a disgusting, sickening pig.


A perfect example is my ex-wife. Even though we have a typical “ex” relationship as many do (we can’t stand each other). If asked, she would swear that I’ve never been anything but a respectful man for all the years we’ve known each other.


I don’t say this to toot my own horn, I just wanted to lay some background for what I’m about to say. I cannot express, in respected company, just how I’ve felt about crimes against women and children all my life.


I also can’t even begin to describe how sickened I am to constantly hear about all these horrible crimes woman have been forced to endure. A long time ago, in a different era, my dad sat me down for “the talk” and it went something like this:


As a man I had a huge responsibility to always be honest, courageous, compassionate and most of all, never, ever harm or intimidate those who are weaker than me. He meant women and children, like I said a much different era.


And to understand this talk, you need a short description of my father. My father was a typical man’s man. He had a slightly bent nose from too many fights, his knuckles bothered him as he aged, again too many “discussions” with his fists.


He loved me and his family more than anything, and he never ever was violent with me, but you can bet, he would set me straight if I ever harmed a woman. He would do the same if I ever disrespected a woman in any way.


The thing, about this disturbing situation with Harvey Weinstein, that really infuriates me is the fact that he was a powerful man. Women, in the movie industry, were forced to satisfy his deviant requests to further their careers.


Now, he lost his family, his career and probably has wrecked his life. Boo Hoo! I’m not a vicious man, but I have to say GOOD, I hope he gets everything he deserves.


Thank you for letting me get this off my chest and I hope that my female followers accept the apology of someone who sincerely cares. After all, I’m only a man but maybe together, we can put an end to these sick, perverse animals.


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