Women and Computers in WWII – Intermission Story (22)

First of all I want to personally thank Everett “Smitty” Smith for his service and his family’s sacrifice in supporting him and worrying about him while he was away fighting for our freedom.


I understand the thinking behind the protest of taking a knee during the National Anthem, however, I don’t think it’s appropriate and people need to find a different way to protest the injustices that have been piled on them.


We can all thank this man right here and the many others like him, both men and women, who have given us the right to protest in the first place. Smitty and many like him are the reason we stand at attention when our national anthem is played.


God Bless our brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom everyday and all those who have gone before them. And God bless the United States of America.


I think you’ll enjoy this great article that I found on Smitty’s tribute blog. Thank you, Smitty for everything.


Source: Women and Computers in WWII – Intermission Story (22)

5 thoughts on “Women and Computers in WWII – Intermission Story (22)

    1. You are very welcome, but we owe your father a debt of gratitude not the other way around. I’m not trying to be “cheesy” but it truly amazes me the type of person, especially in his day, who went off with probably an extremely good possibility he would die and never enjoy the freedoms he was fighting for.

      What kind of person does that? It really amazes me that this man had so much love for his family, his country and me someone he would never meet, that he would risk his life, if not his freedom, so that his loved ones and people not even born could live a life that wouldn’t know the horrible hardships he witnessed. The pure evil he saw with his own eyes. Pure unadulterated hatred one human being has for another who has never done anything to them.

      The pure evil that drives cowards to acts like flying planes into our buildings to kill our innocent brothers and sisters. So, even though I greatly appreciate your kind words, I don’t deserve your father’s gratitude but he deserves mine one hundred fold. God Bless your family for supporting him so that he could protect our freedom. More importantly, God Bless Smitty for the love of his country and his brothers and sisters that has afforded my family and me to enjoy our lives.

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      1. Thank you very much. You are one who definitely has not lost the true American spirit and patriotism. Shake the hand of a vet today! [I think that should be our motto!]


      2. Thank you. I always make it a point to go out of my way to shake the hand of anyone I see who is obviously, to me, a vet or in the military and I always thank them for their sacrifice to protect our freedom. Then I ask them to please be careful and offer my hope they have a blessed day.

        I don’t say any of this to suggest that I’m better than anyone, nor do I think I am. I also don’t say this to suggest I’m more patriotic than anyone. I only say it in reply to your message. That is all.

        However, to everyone I ask, please, the next time you see one of our brave brothers or sisters in the military, please thank them. You may not agree with any war we are involved in, or any other involvement. But please remember our brave soldiers don’t make the decisions the government does. So don’t take it out on them.

        They are only doing what they are told because they are so dedicated to our country and us. Our government is made up or only men and woman trying to do their best job, for the most part.

        Deep down our brave brothers and sisters gladly put their lives on the line for you and me and our children. That has to be the most honorable, most caring and most amazing commitment I’ve ever heard of.

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