How to Incorporate Marble into Your Outdoor Living Area

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Marble has been used, throughout history, in architectural design including the Pantheon of Rome, the Taj Mahal in India and the Acropolis in Greece. These famous buildings were all constructed using marble and that’s the reason they are still standing hundreds of years after being built.


An increasing number of homeowners are putting a lot of thought and effort into developing and designing enjoyable outdoor living spaces. We aren’t just talking about the typical patio / barbecue pit any longer.


More and more people are taking advantage of their outdoor spaces to create amazing living nooks and rooms that more resemble additions to the home itself, rather than just sprucing up their backyards.


In fact, most homeowners consider their outdoor spaces an additional room added onto their homes, and for good reason. Many of these outdoor spaces can be. considered additional rooms.


Marble’s versatility

One of the great features of marble is its abundant versatility. With marble you can create any type of design and feel for your outdoor living space. You can create a look that is purely natural, with unfinished, rough marble in natural colors and textures. Or, you may choose to go with a more elegant and sophisticated look, or anywhere in between.


Marble comes in a wide selection of colors and different grain designs, allowing you the ability to transform your outdoor living space into a customized appearance that reflects your personality and sense of style. There really is no wrong way to go when you choose to incorporate marble into your home design plan.


The proper flooring choice

While there several options for your outdoor living space, choosing the proper flooring is not only important for creating the fundamentals of your outdoor living space, but it’s also a very important decision to make since you have to consider weather conditions, as well as the normal wear and tear it will endure.


While marble is a common flooring choice for indoor flooring, it’s also an excellent choice for your outdoor space as well, in regards to its beauty, dependability and practicality.


Choosing the best marble

The type of marble you need to use for your outdoor marble floor tiles are very different from the marble you have inside your home. For example, the polished marble you have for your indoor kitchen countertops won’t hold up well for outdoor flooring.


One thing to keep in mind is that marble isn’t only suitable for outdoor flooring. Depending on your taste and your outdoor living space, there are several areas where marble adds an elegant, yet rustic, look to your outdoor space including accent walls, ledges and counter space.


Caring for outdoor marble

Weather conditions can wreak havoc on your outdoor marble, making it look stained, dull or dirty. You will still need to clean your outdoor marble, however, with the correct cleaning agent and a regular light cleaning your marble will continue to look fresh and clean for years to come.


For cleaning up dirt and grime, you should use a natural stone cleaner. Natural stone cleaners will have the right consistency to effectively clean marble, while being gentle enough to prevent damage.


For small stains and spots you can mix baking soda and water to form a paste, then gently scrub the affected areas until the stains are removed.


Marble is a natural stone that will make any size outdoor space look elegant and sophisticated. By choosing the proper look and style for your outdoor living space and maintaining the proper care of the marble you chose will give you years of enjoyment.


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    1. Yeah, I was pretty amazed at the things I learned about marble while writing that article. That is another thing I love about writing professionally.

      I work with many clients, who need content on subjects I’ve never heard of, let alone knew anything about. I’m the type of person that loves to learn as much as I can, so I love the research and learning something I may not have known had I not been a writer.

      Do you have, or are you thinking of adding marble to your home?

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      1. I agree 100%! However, the thing I realized while writing that article is you really need to think about how you want to use it. If you want to use it at all.

        I don’t know if I’d want it because I’m more of a log cabin kind of guy. However, there again, it is so versatile that maybe I could decide on an application.

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