American Courage, American Pride, American Love; Definition of an American



What is an American? For all of our complexity, that question is very easy to answer. Family.


As Americans, we are all brothers and sisters. Like siblings, we don’t always agree with each other’s point of view. We don’t always agree with how our sibling chooses to live their life. We don’t always agree with their political beliefs.


Like brothers and sisters, when we don’t agree with each other, we argue. Sometimes our arguments become quite heated.


However, there is one thing, true Americans agree on. When someone harms our brother or sister, we do not hesitate to stand next to them and fight with them for the one thing we all agree on, the love of our fellow Americans.


We rush into burning skyscrapers, to face almost certain death, to save as many of our brothers and sisters as we can. We purposely fly hijacked jetliners into empty fields to save the lives of thousands more of our brothers and sisters. When bullets are raining down from the sky we rush in to help as many of our brothers and sisters to safety.


When evil walks into our schools for only one purpose, to kill our children, we through our bodies in front of other people’s children to try to save them with only our most precious asset as our shield, our own bodies.


When terrorists attack our homeland with the goal of scaring our country into submission, they learn one thing. Every time, white, black, yellow or brown, American brothers and sisters always stand shoulder to shoulder to fight. We never back down, we never run in fear.


Our message to the world is clear and unfaltering, if you need help we will be there to help. However, if you mean us harm, as the song goes, we will put a boot in your ass, because that is the American way.


Being only a man, but more importantly, an American, I plead with my brothers and sisters, let us find a way to end our inner hatred. Difference of opinion is great, it is welcomed, I honor it.


However, when it leads to harming your brother or your sister, it cannot go on down that path. We have great injustices in our country that need to finally be rectified. But please, violence is not the way to solve them.

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