The Soldiers’ Pocket Books That Legitimized Paperbacks — Pacific Paratrooper

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis: Even though pamphlets and softcover books have been available in Europe since the 16th century, US readers looked down on them until well into the 20th century. As a recent Atlas Obscura post by Cara Giaimo explains, without a mass-market distribution model in place, it was difficult to make money…

via The Soldiers’ Pocket Books That Legitimized Paperbacks — Pacific Paratrooper


Here’s something I didn’t know and I’m a dedicated book lover. Check out this great article about something we take for granted, the paperback book.

8 thoughts on “The Soldiers’ Pocket Books That Legitimized Paperbacks — Pacific Paratrooper

      1. A fellow history buff? Glad to meet you I’m Michael. I thought your content for the site was only to bring attention to your father’s era while honoring him. But it makes sense that you’d be a history buff. And, as a result, I’m a doofus for not realizing that lol.

        Expect me to bend your ear in the future lol. I would really like to know more about your father and maybe some experiences he shared with you. If you want to direct me to articles on the subject, or please feel free to email me at

        I look forward to chatting with you.

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      2. On the right-hand side of my posts you will see the title Categories, click on Smitty and many of those posts will pop up for you to look at. Once the Intermission period between 1944-45 is over, stories of Smitty will also resume. along with other posts of the era.


      3. Oh Great! Thank you. I’m sure others will find that interesting as well. I do love American History and all the Great people who helped to shape it. I feel that many people are forgetting “The Greatest Generation” as they were called, all you hear about is the “Baby Boomers” (you) and I’m wondering when they will start talking about my generation “Generation X” and for goodness sake please PLEASE give us a better nickname! I mean seriously that’s all we get?

        We fought in the first Iraq war and the War on Terror. We watched in horror as cowards killed our innocent brothers and sisters without provocation, then we rose up in furious rage against them. Heck we even popularized Social Media (what’s more important than that LOL) but we’re still portrayed as drug addled, pickled brained morons who play Dungeons and Dragons all day, teasing up our Mullets and listening to annoying “Boy Bands” LOL

        Is there no social justice?

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      4. No, I don’t think there’s any social justice. I do believe the Millennials, being as self-absorbed as they are, have left your Generation X in the dust. But don’t get me started on that!! 🙂


      5. So true my friend! However, we raised them they’re my kids. I often think that we had crummy childhoods (most of us) so we over corrected with our kids. I’m afraid I think I may have to an extent. I don’t know, but I do agree with you, unfortunately I’m actually witnessing it to an extent with my kids.

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