Why not hindi ??? — swati

Why in india we consider hindi as a secondary language or a language of illiterate ??? Why people feel shame in accepting that they dont know english while some boast of not knowing hindi ??? Why we see english as a cool language and hindi as a language of “gawar”??? Its soo disheartning to say […]

via Why not hindi ??? — swati

I Agree! Why not indeed?!? Be proud of where you come from. Be proud of who you are. None of us are the same and that’s what makes us all beautiful.

11 thoughts on “Why not hindi ??? — swati

      1. Wow thank you so much. You don’t know how much that means to me, I’m being sincere I really appreciate it when people find my blog interesting. You are also an extremely talented writer, I’m not just saying that because you gave me such a kind compliment, I sincerely mean that.

        Actually, I’m very particular about the content I add to my blog and I never add a guest post that I don’t feel measures up to my strict expectations that I have for my own work. So for what it’s worth I consider your works to be on par with my expectations.

        So to all my friends out there it’s well worth you while to check out this talented lady’s blog.

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    1. Exactly! we should all be proud of what we are and where we come from. A lot of people also forget that, except for the native indians, we Americans are made up of a lovely mix of many different beliefs, traditions and cultures and we should all be proud of ours along with everyone else in the world.

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