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Originally posted on Iconic Photos: In March 1991, when a series of earthquakes hit the western side of the island of Luzon along the Zambales Mountains, locals awoke to the reality that in the middle of the Zambales range, there might be a dormant volcano. Pinatubo — quiet since before the lands under it were named…

via Pinatubo Erupts — renxkyoko’s space

A very cool picture and an even more amazing article from a friend and fellow writer. Check it out.

7 thoughts on “Pinatubo Erupts — renxkyoko’s space

    1. I agree, but a lot of times it works out that way, there is beauty to be found in everything. Some things are beautiful in the fact they are powerful and destructive.

      Thank you for making that comparison with me, that was exactly what I was thinking. Speaking of beauty, you have some amazing pics of your own on your site.

      I suggest any of my friends who want to see some beautiful pictures and great content, check out this lady’s blog. My favorites have always been pansies, especially the purples.

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