Do You Remember … Doing the Time Warp?

Rocky Horror.png


I meant to post this article on Halloween but didn’t get around to it so better late than never. However, I just have to ask the question. Do you remember doing the Time Warp? I remember.


Now I’m not talking about the “Virgins” (people who’ve never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and I’m not talking about, to use the proper term in polite company, people who choose to pleasure themselves (people who watched in on a VHS tape rather than in person at the theater.


But rather I’m talking about you rockers and lovers of the strange who came of age in the 70s or 80s.


The Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transelvania.jpg


I remember getting a bunch of friends together, the ones where slightly “odd” like yours truly, back in the 80s. Dressing up as our favorite characters from the movie (Once I went as The Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania) and arming ourselves with pieces of toast, squirt guns, Scotti toilet paper, newspapers or umbrellas and memorizes the dozens of comments you’re expected to yell at the screen at specific times.


Time Warp 2.jpg


And yes,  we would dance in the aisles when the Time Warp when the song came on.


Time Warp.jpg


Now, I lived in Detroit, so I was lucky enough to be able to go downtown the week before Halloween for the midnight showing in the beautiful Fox Theater and see fans, who were also dressed as characters from the movie walking up and down Woodward (a major and historic road in Detroit) for blocks greeting the cars as they came to the event.


Fox Theater.jpg


Fox Theater 2.jpg


Fox Theater 3.jpg


And it was an event, rather than just a cult classic film. It was amazing how my generation followed the same exact tradition as our parents. With that thought in mind, I come to the main reason I decided on this subject for my article.


Last year, my daughter was in choir in high school and one night she told me about this song and dance they were doing for Halloween. You guessed it, The Time Warp, so like any child of the tech generation, I fired up the laptop and went to YouTube. We had so much fun doing the Time Warp.


So, when we finished, my daughter seemed to be pretty impressed to see that I may have been cool in my day. I’m not the type of father who enjoys telling my children (especially my daughters) about my “good old days”. I really don’t want them to follow in my footsteps.


However, we did have a good time shortening that generation gap just a little. Who out there has good stories to tell about going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Please tell us, we’d love to hear.

2 thoughts on “Do You Remember … Doing the Time Warp?

  1. There was a small theatre in town that ran the film regularly Friday nights back in the early ’80’s. While we didn’t dress up, many others did. I vividly recall dried toast bring flung through the air, and squirt guns. Quite the experience, and a super soundtrack. Great post!😊


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