I am a Furious American

I am a man. I am a woman. I am white, black, brown, yellow and red. Above all else and in spite of everything else, I am an American. I am so furious that it’s becoming difficult for me to keep my composure and not fill my page with vile profanity.


I am a furious American.


How many more times will I have to read about my brothers and sisters, my children, being gunned down in cold blood? How many more of my mothers will cry because they lost their babies to madness?


How many more of my wives, husbands, brothers and sisters will I have to watch crumble to their knees because they lost the ones they loved?


How many more demons will be sent to earth to wreck my families? Is this the end of our existence as humans on this planet? Maybe it should be. Maybe we just don’t deserve God’s greatest gift anymore.


How many more places of worship, schools, sanctuaries need to be turned into morgues before we learn to love? Do we even deserve love anymore?


How many more babies need to be robbed of the pure joy and fulfillment of falling in love and even having babies of their own before enough is just damn well enough?


I am a nonviolent person, however, I can easily see myself killing someone who tries, or God forbid, succeeds in harming or killing one of my children. What does that say about me? Am I no better? Or does that make me a hero?


I am an American who doesn’t believe they have one more tear left to shed for my brothers and sisters. What does that say about my humanity?


I am a Republican; I am a Democrat. I own guns; I despise guns. Does it really matter anymore, or is the evil we created now overpowering us?


I am a furious American and I am damn sick and tired of crying for my brothers and sisters. If you’re my brother or sister, then stand with me and let’s all put a stop to this evil.


We can do anything because we are Americans.




Your brother, sister, husband, wife, child

14 thoughts on “I am a Furious American

    1. Thank you, it doesn’t matter where we are on this planet we are all in this together. I wanted this article to also state that by trying to convey that and make people think “Hey I’m a furious Brit, Romanian, Russian … All decent people (and there are still more than the alternative) to open their eyes and come together.

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  1. Beautifully expressed. It’s painful to see innocent people being killed in the name of madness but just like you said ” if somebody killed my children, I would kill too”. These people who kill probably consider themselves victims too or made to believe they are victims and then they kill. They fail to see right from wrong and that is the problem. There does not seem a solution to the present mess in the world. Only God can save us.

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    1. So eloquently stated thank you. I’m just so mad, frustrated, hurt, sad and confused I just don’t know what to do anymore. You are correct, only God can save us. But I can’t help but ask myself, do we even deserve his help? As a “civilized” people we have only shown ourselves to be, in my opinion, vicious, cruel and brutal animals. After all that he has given us, this is how we say thank you, by slaughtering the innocent?

      I consider myself a non-violent man. Crimes against women and children have always repulsed and infuriated me, but I just don’t know where to turn.

      I’ll share a very personal experience with you, one that prompted this article. Last night I went to a men’s group meeting at my church and this topic came up. My preacher, a man I’ve grown to respect, admire and befriend. A man I’ve grown to realize is a better man than me.

      He was talking about forgiveness and I just couldn’t stomach it. I asked how we can forgive pure evil. How can we refuse our desire to send this creature straight to hell. When you come across a rabid dog you put it down for the safety of your loved ones as well as putting the poor creature out of its misery.

      But this creature is far worse, in my eyes, than a poor animal who has contracted a hateful disease that he would just rather go off and die quietly than purposely take as many living beings with him.

      I don’t mean to get on a soap box, and I try to stay away from voicing my personal beliefs but I’m just so darn beat up over all of this. Thank you for listening and offering your wisdom.


      1. I understand how you feel. The anger and frustration at not being able to do anything and watch helplessly as these perpetrators of crime continue their madness. However the ability to exercise self- control is what sets the civilized society apart from these wild beasts. We cannot let ourselves to turn into beasts and change the world into a jungle. I know it’s difficult. I wouldn’t be able to forgive as well. Beasts like you said must be caged and punished but by law and not us.


      2. Thank you so much for this calming, intelligent and sobering message. You truly are a beautiful person and I’m proud to call you my sister. All of us can benefit from your sound outlook. We are a very strong people who, with all of our differences, wouldn’t think twice about trying to save our own. We do this with grace, pride and courage. No, we will never stoop to the level of these animals. However, we will never let our own suffer if we can prevent it for as long as we have a breath in our body. Thank you and I look forward to more of your wisdom and compassion.


      3. Thanks Michael for your very kind words. Happy to have got to know you in the blogging community. Yes, we must all stand together with pride, grace and courage as you said. And hope for the sake of all the good on earth, peace will reign on earth. Wishing you a good weekend!


  2. It is a frustrating time we live in. I have stopped watching the news, although I still hear these horrid crimes, and I feel helpless and saddened. I own guns, my husband is an avid hunter. We target shoot, we take our children shooting and I do not understand what goes through a persons head when they think it is OK to shoot people; defenseless caring people. Because they were mad???Angry???Hurt??? I just don’t get it. Is there no end? Is there no answer?
    I just don’t see one!

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    1. Thank you for your time and your words of wisdom and compassion mam I, as well as I’m sure my readers, appreciate you. I got rid of my guns (a 357 magnum and a 22 handguns) just before the birth of my daughter. I have nothing against guns in the hands of sane and responsible people as yourself and your husband, I just didn’t trust myself to effectively protect my children from them because I admitted I wasn’t a long time completely knowledgeable gun owner.

      I’m more of a Democrat than a Republican (a bit of a hippy) but I firmly believe we need to go back to open carry in all states. I have no problem putting someone down before they can do the same to my family (all Americans included in my family) or loved ones. I won’t lose a minute of sleep about it either.

      Go back to the ways of the old west, then let’s see how many more mass shootings we have. Let’s see how many women are sexually assaulted, let’s see how brave these animals are then.

      God bless the man who grabbed his gun and ran out of his house barefooted to try to save his brothers and sisters. He didn’t waste one minute to wonder if the victims were white or black, gay or straight he saw a threat and he dealt with it. That’s what Americans do. That’s what we do.

      It’s time and the only option I see anymore (unfortunately) is for all sane, responsible Americans to arm themselves and prove it.

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      1. It never pains me to read horror stories like senseless shootings. Too many innocent people especially children paid with their lives. So I feel your anguish.


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