10 Food Habits That May Lead to an Early Death


It is a known fact that some food habits are not good for us. However, this can be taken further because some of our food habits can lead to an early death. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association identifies ten food habits that were linked to early death.


An estimated 45 percent of all deaths are caused by heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes which are directly tied to these ten everyday food habits.


Here are 10 of the most common food habits that have been proven to lead to an early death:


Using Too Much Salt

It does improve the taste of food, but too much salt leads to serious health problems. Studies have shown that salt is the leading diet-related factor linked to death. Using too much salt leads to approximately 9.5 percent of all diet-related deaths. People most at risk include senior citizens.


Not Eating Enough Fruits

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away and the patient alive.” Nutritionists and doctors recommend you eat at least two servings of fruit daily, based on your age. For most people, a serving is equal to one piece of fruit or an equivalence of one cup.


However, most people do not get the proper amount of fruit in their daily diet. Studies reveal about 7.5 percent of diet-related deaths happen as a result of too little fruit in a person’s diet.


Not Eating Enough Veggies

Stop hiding them under your other food. Experts say we should eat at least three or four servings of vegetables each day. This should be a combination of vegetables, including leafy (like spinach), starchy (potatoes or corn), orange (carrots), legumes (beans) and others such as broccoli and peppers.


Not Eating Enough Seeds and Nuts

Nuts and seeds supply us with a good dose of protein. However, doctors warn we do not include them in our daily diets. Healthy food guidelines suggest eating about 5.5 ounces of protein-rich foods a day.


About 8.5 percent of diet-related deaths are associated with not eating enough protein which nuts and seed supply in abundance.


Not Eating Enough Whole Grains and Too Many Refined Grains

Grains can become confusing. Which are good, which are bad? Nutritionists recommend whole grains, such as oats, brown rice, and quinoa, as a part of a healthy diet.


However, people are overeating refined grain, such as white bread, white rice, and semolina pasta. The combination of too many refined grains and too few whole grains is a recipe for disaster since this combination leads to 5.5 percent of all diet-related deaths.


Not Enough Seafood

Most people believe that foods containing fat are unhealthy. Foods with omega-3 fats, as is found in seafood, help improve heart and brain function. Studies show, not eating enough seafood account for 7.8 percent of diet-related deaths.


Not Replacing Solid Fats with Healthier Options

Doctors have warned that cooking with solid fats, such as butter contributes to heart disease. Approximately 2.3 percent of all diet-related deaths were linked to using solid fats in cooking.


Overeating Red Meat

This is a hard one if you enjoy meat as most of us do. Eating red meat is not a bad thing, but the saying “Too much of a good thing is not good” applies here. The amount of red meat we eat can be an issue though.


Experts have found that 4.2 percent of death due to diabetes can be tied to eating too much red meat a day.


Eating too Much Processed Meat

Overeating processed meat such as bacon, hot dogs, and deli meats is a bad eating habit. This will boost your chance of heart disease and complications from diabetes.


Experts claim, about 8.2 percent of all diet-related deaths come from overeating processed meat.


Having too Many Sugary Drinks

Doctors have been warning patients about the issues related to having too many sugary drinks, such as soda, for years. Not only do they contain too many unnecessary calories that can lead to weight gain, but they can also increase the risk of diabetes and other related problems.


However, we seem to be getting the hint because, for the first time in recent history, consumers are drinking more bottled water than soda. This is excellent news because 7.4 percent of all premature deaths due to diet-related deaths were connected to these drinks.


People 25 to 65 had the highest risk of early death from too much soda and other drinks that contain significant amounts of sugar.


You can significantly increase your lifespan by just following these simple dietary requirements. Living a healthier and happier life can also improve your moods, emotions, and outlook on life. So, start eating healthier and reap all of the benefits.


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