Wedding Rings: The History and Significance of a Tradition

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Choosing a wedding ring set is one of the most important decisions in jewelry you will make in your life. There are several different types of customized wedding ring choices to choose from, and considering the fact marriage is expected to last “until death do you part” this will, most likely, be the first and last such ring you will ever choose.


While keeping the importance of the rings in mind, we will take a look at some of the options in wedding rings that are available to choose.


Style of Metal

First of all, we will start from the bottom up with the choices in metal. When considering which metal to go with you need first to decide which one will best compliment your future bride’s sense of style. You will be able to get a good sense of this when you consider what type of jewelry she currently wears and prefers.


If your fiancée prefers silver-toned jewelry, your best choice would be to go with either platinum or white gold.


If she prefers to stay with warmer tones, than yellow gold or even rose colored gold is a nice choice that leaves her with a lot of different accessory options to go along with her wedding band.


Deciding to mix metals like white gold and yellow gold is an excellent option for people who like a variety when it comes to their jewelry and other accessories. This choice will also complement the jewelry she already has in her collection as well as making future jewelry decisions much more manageable.


Even if you decide to go with the warmer choice in metal colors like yellow gold, a beautiful addition to this is to have the diamond set in a white metal such as platinum or white gold. A metal that is lighter in color will enhance and accentuate the diamond, show off its brilliance and sparkle.


Complementing the Engagement Ring

It is traditional for the bride to wear her engagement ring above the wedding band on the same finger, the ring finger of the left hand. The engagement ring and wedding band are both worn on this finger because it is said to be the finger in the direct line with the heart if followed up the arm to the heart.


It is, for this reason, the rings should both complement each other and match, in metal type and color as well as style. This is why people usually purchase the rings as a set when they are searching for different categories of customized wedding rings.


Taking this into consideration there are a few different options including:


Many women prefer to go with a perfect match to the engagement ring. A wedding band that compliments the engagement ring is a traditional choice of wedding set that is usually customized and created together for the best chance of being compatible with each other.


Choosing a wedding ring that isn’t a perfect match to the engagement ring, but one that will nicely complement and enhance each other. This may be a tricky choice to pull off, however, with careful consideration the result can be a beautiful and unique wedding set.


A third option is to choose a traditional solitaire diamond setting for the engagement ring and then complementing that with either a band of smaller diamonds to encircle the wedding band or just a simple band of gold with, again a solitaire diamond setting.


Whatever you decide on for the wedding ring one thing is guaranteed, this piece of jewelry is one of the most important you will ever purchase, so it is crucial that you do your research and put extra thought into making your decision.


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