View « WWII Aircraft Nose Art » on YouTube

Check this post out from the family of a man who fought for the freedom we hold so dear in this country, Everett A. Smith, aka “Smitty” We all owe him our thanks.


I have always loved to see the “Nose Art” from the old planes used in WWII. I’m also a huge fan of pin-up girl art, so I really enjoyed this post and think you will too.


Thank you for this great look into the past.



7 thoughts on “View « WWII Aircraft Nose Art » on YouTube

    1. My pleasure. I agree with you wholeheartedly. One thing I often think about, since I am a history buff, is that future generations don’t ever forget how important these men, and women as well, are to our freedom. This was an extremely crucial moment in history for the whole world.

      This wasn’t a case where the United States got involved and bing, bang, boom showed the others how it’s done and saved the world. We can’t for a minute imagine the struggles, the sacrifice and the pure hell these men went through. And how many times it looked like it was all over for good. But they persevered and finally, literally saved the world.

      I can attest to a crucial moment in my generation, where it looked horribly bad for all of us on 9/11 and my children will never know what we all felt on that day. The deep down sorrow, anger, and rage but also the complete uncertainty of what 9/12 would now hold for us all.

      I used to love listening to the stories told to me by the “greybeards” that were there and I would wonder how much courage it took to rise to the occasion. Could I ever be man enough to do it myself, I don’t know.

      So, yes we owe those Smitty and all the men and woman who fought with him our respect and most of all gratitude.

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      1. Thank you for applying the feeling to another generation. It helps to put it into perspective for younger people. {Yes, we will all remember where we were when we first heard about the Towers!]


      2. Yes, but there is one thing that never changes. It doesn’t matter if it’s the attack on Pearl Harbor or on our buildings, we may not always get along, but when you harm our own we always pull together and we make sure the aggressors are dealt with fiercely.

        That’s what the terrorists got wrong, we don’t curl up in a ball and quiver, we pull together and set things straight.

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