Personal Ghost Sighting by JanOWrite

Readers, today I’ll share my own, brand new ghost story! A friend and I went to visit another friend, someone I’d never met. The house is said to be haunted, the residents often see a ghostly man on the stairs, and have experienced and seen things upstairs. Some folks wouldn’t go upstairs to find out! […]

via Ghosts: My Own Personal Ghost Sighting! — Book ‘Em, Jan O

I found I can always count on my friend and fellow writer Jan, from the blog  Book ‘Em Jan O I also have to admit I love the name of her blog because I’m a big fan of Hawaii Five-O and their famous phrase “Book ‘Em Dan O”.


Anyway, this is a description of a ghost sighting that Jan herself was lucky enough to have. I know you’ll enjoy it as I did. Also, for more great tales of the unknown by a truly great fellow writer, take the time to check out the rest of her blog.

4 thoughts on “Personal Ghost Sighting by JanOWrite

      1. Thank you! It means a lot to me to hear that people enjoy my content. I write professionally but I still do it out of the love of knowledge and the art form itself. That’s why I always appreciate a great writer such as yourself. Thank you again and you can bet I’ll be sharing more of your great articles.


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