Winged Jewels – Purplerays Blog

” One simply runs out of superlatives to describe this truly fabulously beautiful Hummingbird. If you know the living bird, you know that there is far more to it than this head, throat and chest view can convey. Its upperparts are as brilliant and glittering as its underparts. The tail is predominantly pure white, underneath […]

via #WingedJewels . . . Velvet-purple Coronet — Purplerays

I wanted to share this beautiful bird with all my friends. It comes from Purplerays blog, where I’ve found several inspirational posts and beautiful pictures. Check it out, if you haven’t already, and you’ll see what I mean.

6 thoughts on “Winged Jewels – Purplerays Blog

  1. You are so right, yes we need to stick together Michael, only, I don’t think I’m a writer yet!!!
    I love that site. Deep, meaningful. Have followed. Thank you.


    1. Don’t underestimate yourself as a writer. I’ve enjoyed many of your posts and follow your blog daily. No, you’re no Shakespeare YET, but neither am I. Just think about the definition of a writer. What is a writer? Trust me, you’re a great writer.


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