The Difference Between a Garden Shed and a Work Shed

The Difference Between a Garden Shed and a Work Shed


“A shed by any other name is still a …:” All sheds are not created equal, this statement is far more accurate when you are considering a modern shed. Moreover, This statement is also right on the mark when you consider the recent popularity of customizing your shed.


In regards to garden sheds and work sheds, this fact is also very noticeable. So, to clear up the question, what is the difference between a garden shed and a work shed, we have decided to lay out the differences so you can make a fact-based decision on which shed would work best for your needs.


Work Shed

As the name implies, a work shed is a shed that has shelves, a workbench and enough space for storage. If you are the type of person who enjoys tinkering around with different project, who is creative with their hands or always fixing something around the house, this shed would be the preferred option.


If you are the type of person who, rather than going out and replacing that broken appliance, you are the type of person who would rather fix the one you have. If you are the type of person who would fix your leaky faucet, then hire a plumber, a work shed is what you need.


Garden Shed

A garden shed is a place where you store all of your lawn and garden equipment like your lawn mower, leaf blower, edger, rakes, snow shovels, snow blower, etc.


You may also want an area for planting. If you have a green thumb, then a bench and pegboard where you can keep all of your pots, dirt and gardening tools. This will come in handy for potting and planting seedlings or starter plants and vegetables, or flowers to place in your garden and prize-winning flower beds.


Sheds have always been a favorite addition to any home, making it much easier to store gardening and lawn equipment and tools. Since they are small and freestanding, sheds have usually been a more popular choice, over a garage for lawn equipment storage because; the clutter will not get in the way of parking your vehicle and also lessen the chance of winding up with dings, scratches, and dents in your car.


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