What You Should Ask During Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

What You Should Ask During Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation.jpg


All successful cosmetic surgery procedures begin with a successful and informative consultation. Here are some helpful tips on how you too can have a successful cosmetic surgery procedure by asking your doctor the correct questions during your first consultation.


Informed patients are the most satisfied patients; this is true for an initial visit to any doctor, especially one who will be adjusting your appearance.


As the saying goes “there are never any wrong questions,” however, there are some essential questions you should be sure to ask a cosmetic surgeon. Here are some questions you should make sure you ask during your initial consultation.


Are you a board-certified cosmetic surgeon?

Whether or not the cosmetic surgeon is board-certified is probably one of the most important questions you can ask your doctor, because it answers a lot of important questions.


The scary thing is that any licensed doctor can legally perform cosmetic surgery. However, a doctor who is board-certified in cosmetic surgery has studied the procedures and is confirmed to be familiar with all of the correct processes involved in cosmetic surgery.


How often do you perform the procedure I want?

Cosmetic surgeons usually specialize in certain types of procedures, like facial cosmetic surgery for example. For example, a cosmetic surgeon who performs the process you require as a large percentage of their practice would be a surgeon who has worked with different patients with a variety of body types and will most likely be skilled with the most current techniques.


What type of anesthesia will be used and who provides it

All cosmetic surgeons use some anesthesia depending on the nature of the procedure and the individual patient’s needs. However, no matter what type of anesthesia a cosmetic surgeon uses, someone will need to administer it.


This person should be a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Having a dedicated anesthesiology team ensures that you have qualified professionals monitoring you throughout your procedure, which allows the surgeon to focus on achieving a positive outcome.


What can I expect during recovery?

You will need to have a firm understanding of what to expect from your recovery time because you can then decide if this is a good time to have a cosmetic procedure done.


This will include how much time you will be off work, if necessary, or what type of restrictions you will be under. You should have a solid understanding of what to expect so you can make an educated decision.


What will the total cost of my procedure be?

Procedure cost is another crucial question to ask your cosmetic surgeon because cosmetic surgery is elective, meaning you will be responsible for all of the fees. Included in this total will be the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, operating room expenses and any other material and supplies.


If the cost concerns you, rather than searching for a cheaper cosmetic surgeon, a better option would be to ask the surgeon that you are impressed with to work with you on their costs or financing.


Like any other medical procedure, cosmetic surgery is not something you want at the lowest price. The cheapest doctor will need to cut costs somewhere, do you want that doctor to work on you?


Chances are you will have several more questions to ask the cosmetic surgeon you are considering to do your procedure. On the other hand, you will also have several questions you will need to ask yourself about your procedure.


These questions will include whose practice seems like the best fit for you, which doctor has the most experience doing the procedure you require, and of course, you will have several questions about the anesthesia that will be used.


The main thing to focus on is doing the best you can to research the doctor, procedure, and cost of the procedure you want to be done. More importantly, keep in mind that medical procedures are always significant and handle this one the same as any other medical procedure you would have done.


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