My Baby’s Graduation 2018




I want to share a recent and significant event in my family’s life, the graduation of our youngest (and last) child, Meghan (better known as Junior).


This is it ya’ll; this is our last child to graduate. All done. No more. I’m officially an old man (that’s Meghan on the left with that creepy OLD man). I cannot even find the words to express my pride and my love for this young lady. Being speechless is extremely unusual for me, as most of you who have been my friend for some time can attest to.


However, as a mediocre writer will usually do, this event is such an emotional one in my life that I am driven to express my feelings in writing.


First off, I call this young lady “junior” because she is so much like me that if she had been a boy, I would have named her Michael Dennis Turashoff jr.


Heck, if I were responsible for her presence on this earth, I probably still would have named her after me. However, alas, I didn’t share in the fun or the honor of creating her, but that is just living proof that blood doesn’t make a family a family.


Just as is the case, any healthy male not using protection can make a baby. However, it takes one hell of a man to be a daddy. This, I pray every day, I have lived up to in at least the smallest way.


Anyway, more importantly, this young lady is “Honey” and my love. This young lady’s intelligence, huge loving heart and amazing wealth of compassion are directly attributed to her lovely mother. Even if I were her blood, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have measured up to these levels of intelligence and love to bestow upon her. They could have only come from her mother.


It is Junior’s huge heart and the ability for boundless compassion that will lead her into the important field of a veterinarian. If you know Meghan, you then know this is the perfect field for her.


Meghan has always been an amazing young lady. I have had the honor of being in her life since she was two years old. So it could be said that I was lucky enough to be there for her “formative” years.


I honestly don’t know if I believe the importance of the “formative” years versus the traits you are born with. However, I guess in Meghan’s case, there is something to say about a child’s formative years, since I didn’t add anything of “ME” to the mix.


Regardless, it doesn’t matter who did what. What of who was added where somewhere along the line Meghan began the journey down the road to becoming the amazing woman she is becoming.


I can only hope and pray I served you well Junior. Know this, if nothing else and among everything else, no matter where life takes you. No matter what obstacles are dropped in your path during your journey along the road we call Life, there is one guarantee you will always have me by your side, behind you and leading if you need.


Whatever help I can offer you, I will provide without a second thought. Even when you are a grown woman with your own family and children who need you, you will always still be my baby.


I’m not a perfect man. Far from it, if there even is such a thing as a perfect man. However, my love and admiration for you is perfect.


May God bless and keep you, Meghan Marie. I pray he gives me the wisdom, courage, and compassion to serve you well in the journey through life you are only just beginning.



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