Michigan Northern Lights Alert! — Michigan in Pictures

Arc of Green, photo by Eric Hackney While it’s virtually impossible to predict when the aurora borealis will make an appearance, it’s tied to what’s happening on the sun. NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center keeps tabs on what our local star is doing and is my go-to for Northern Lights forecasting. They are reporting strong […]

via Michigan Northern Lights Alert! — Michigan in Pictures

3 thoughts on “Michigan Northern Lights Alert! — Michigan in Pictures

    1. Isn’t that awesome? I’ll never forget the night on vacation with my uncle we sat up all night watching the Northern Lights up north Michigan it was amazing, better than any light show made by man. They started from the North and went along like a laser one line after another to the south, then started over. Each line would slowly fizzle out. It is truly something to see.

      I’m glad you liked it.


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