A Real Life “Chucky” From the Movie Child’s Play

A Real Life “Chucky” From the Movie Child's Play


It is said that the evil doll, Chucky, from the movie Child’s Play”, was actually based, in part, on a real-life doll that has been causing havoc for over a hundred years. Robert the Doll, as he is known, isn’t believed to be an evil serial killer trapped in a doll’s body.


Even though there isn’t any record of him running around killing people, there are claims he terrorizes any family he lives with.


Robert (Chucky) the Doll


Robert’s (Chucky) Beginning

Robert the Doll was owned first by artist and author Robert (Gene) Eugene Otto who received the doll, when he was six years old, in 1906 by one of the family’s voodoo practicing servants.


The three-foot doll, which was dressed in a sailor suit, was the servant girl’s revenge against the family for the abuse she suffered in the Otto home. The doll quickly became Gene’s best friend and his parents claimed they often heard him talking to the doll.


Soon they began to hear the doll answering Gene. At first they believed that Gene was changing his voice, but after their neighbors reported seeing the doll moving from window to window while the family was out of the home, they came to suspect that the doll itself had come to life.


Robert the Doll never left Gene’s side, there was even a place set for it at the family dinner table. Even though Gene had a strong “friendship” with Robert the Doll, its powers grew and it became more mischievous.


The Otto family claimed the doll would let out a terrifying giggle and they even began to see the doll scamper from room to room, staying out of sight. On several occasions, Gene would scream out in the middle of the night and when his parents would come rushing into his room, they would find furniture knocked over and Gene in bed holding Robert the Doll, with a terrified look on his face. When asked what happened, Gene would reply, “Robert did it!”


The Otto family and their neighbors weren’t the only witnesses to the doll’s mischievous behavior. Several visitors to the home swore they saw Robert the Doll’s expression change when they looked at it and that it often blinked its button eyes.


Most guests were, obviously, so disturbed by Robert the Doll’s actions that they cut their visits short, telling their hosts, “the doll frightened them”.


When Gene grew older, he began to become tired of the doll’s antics. So he decided to store him in the attic. Despite being locked away in the attic, Robert the Doll continued to make his presence known.


When Gene Otto died in 1972, most people familiar with Robert the Doll thought he would be gone as well. However, evil never dies and Robert waited patiently until another family bought the house.


When their ten-year-old daughter found Robert in the attic, she claimed him as her own. She unleashed a chilling hell on herself and claimed that the doll tortured her. Even several years later she still holds the claim that he deeply traumatized her.


Even though haunted doll stories aren’t uncommon, the case of Robert is unique because so many people claim to have witnessed his evil first-hand. I guess this would lead you to believe there has to be some truth to the stories.


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