Happy Father’s Day!

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To all the fathers out there I would like to wish you all a warm and sincere Happy Father’s Day. When my first child was born, way back in 1995, my buddy gave me a card that honestly made me stop and think.


Don has always been the jokester. His card said, “You have what it takes to be a father”, on the inside of the card it then says, “Sperm”. I apologize to the ladies out there for my language but there is a point to why I’m telling you all this (especially the fathers).


This card really made an impression on me and motivated me to be the best father I could be because of the deep-seated truth behind the message on this card. Don later told me that I take things too serious and rather than just laughing at the card, like any “normal” person would, I had to analyze it.


My point is, any healthy man can make a child. This isn’t that spectacular of an achievement. However, it takes one hell of a man to be a Daddy.


To be a Daddy, you need to be, among several other things:

  • Patient
  • Understanding
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Courageous
  • Thoughtful
  • And so much more


When, and if, you achieve all of these things, they are only the tip of the iceberg and you have a life time of learning from your mistakes. And, you will make mistakes. But that’s ok, it’s how we learn and there is no such thing as an expert father.


How to Avoid Warping Your Kids

This must be one of a father’s greatest fear, that he will do something to permanently warp this tiny human he is holding. Actually, the fear of permanently warping a man’s child ranks right up there with wrecking the kid physically.


As in dropping them or banging there head on the edge of the crib while picking them up to take them out of the crib. Why do I know this one? You guessed it, your’s truly did this himself.


My daughter was laying in her crib so peaceful and cute. So I just had to pick her up and hold her in my arms. While doing so, I banged her head on the edge of the crib, she started crying which made me start crying.


My wife took the baby to calm her down and I sat on the floor and cried Lol. I honestly thought I broke the kid.


I love those commercials that are out now. Where they show the mother with her first child. Everything is sanitized and carefully done and all that. Then they show the mother with her second kid, and she hands the child off to the auto mechanic who has greasy hands etc. I love those commercials LOL.


That is when I found out that kids are pretty resilient. However, fathers, not so much. They are usually a bundle of nerves. I assume, for the rest of their lives.


Anyway, to all the fathers out there that are man enough to be real Daddies, I wish you a heartfelt and sincere Happy Father’s Day. You deserve it!


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