Happy Birthday, America!



What is happening to this country I love? Have we all gone crazy? I thought the days of brother fighting brother because of some so insignificant as the color of their skin. What has happened to this country I love?


Gone are the days of respect for the highest office in the land. Gone is the respect for the president. The administration is a circus; this is now one thing that both, Republicans and Democrats have been able to agree on.


So, I ask you, what is wrong with this country I love? Nothing! We are still brothers and sisters under our Star-Spangled Banner. America will persevere as it always does. No man, woman or party can ever destroy American strength.


Leaders come, and leaders go, but the country our brave men and woman paid the ultimate sacrifice for will always remain standing. Make no mistake; these are difficult times for our country.


Decent men and woman are ashamed of the way our government is conducting itself in the presence of the world. However, we are much stronger than this; we are something much stronger. We are American brothers and sisters.


Give me your tiredyour poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…

That passage still means something today, and no man can ever change that. True Americans still abide by it.


This country we love is 242 years old today and what a ride it has been. Instead of focusing on the turmoil of today I choose to think about all the good this country stands for.


This country was born of uncertainty and an undying dream. A dream of freedom from suppression. When our friends needed us, we were there. When we need a helping hand, our friends were there.


To the world, I say, please don’t judge us by our current actions, but by our history. As you celebrate the 4th of July with family get-togethers, enjoying a day with family and friends. Please take a moment to honor those who made it all possible for every one of us.


God bless the United States of America; God bless the brave men and women who made this dream a country and God bless my brothers and sisters.


Happy Birthday, America!!!

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