Battle of Sugar Loaf Hill Okinawa — Pacific Paratrooper

Originally posted on Together We Served Voices: By Scott Sumner USMC 1978 – 1984 My uncle James M. Barrett was a World War II Marine. He was born in Nov. 1923 in Minnesota. He had a promising career as a welterweight boxer, until his country’s call became too loud. On January 18, 1943 he reported for…

via Battle of Sugar Loaf Hill Okinawa — Pacific Paratrooper


Thank you CP Cox for your post. As always we appreciate your articles for a window on what it was like back during one of the most important events in world history. World War II was a deciding point on which way our word would progress.


Into the beautiful bright light of Freedom and Justice as it turned out. However, it could’ve just as easily plunged into the darkness of eternal hatred, injustice and slavery as it honestly almost did.


If it weren’t for the brave American men and women of one of the most selfless and courageous generations, like “Smitty”, who put it all on the line to make the world a better place, we could just as easily not have all the freedoms we do have today.


Thank you Smitty and all of you who ensure our freedom every day.


“We Will Never Forget!”



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