Sometimes I Forgot… — MiddleMe

People say to live in the moment and treasure every second living, immerse and breathing in the ‘now’.

via Sometimes I Forgot… — MiddleMe

Here is a great article that will really make you think about the special things in your life from my friend Kally. Check out the rest of her great posts on her blog.

22 thoughts on “Sometimes I Forgot… — MiddleMe

      1. Oh no, I’m sorry I sure remember those days. My first child never slept and cried all day. My second was perfect, slept when she was supposed to and was always happy and easy to please. I tried to send the first one back but I lost the receipt LOL. But yeah kids are the greatest gift but they can also be the biggest challenge at times. How many do you have?

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      2. I have only one and she’s driving me nuts now. She’s a good kid but she’s having two molars out at the same time. Very challenging when I’m sleep deprived. I can’t imagine you wanting to have a second one when your first one cries all day. Lol!


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