Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Achieving the Perfect Butt; Maximum Gluteus Maximus

How to Create the Perfect Butt; Maximum Gluteus Maximus 1


Everyone wants a body they can be proud of. You want people to notice you, coming or going. That is why I have devoted this article to helping you create a perfect Gluteus Maximus. That is right your butt, boom, boom or your trunk where you keep your junk.


Now, we are not talking about a throwback to the 80s and the many VCR tapes advertising “Buns of Steel.” Besides clanking when you sit down, we are not going to show you how to achieve buns of steel; we are going to teach you how to create buns of pure muscle.


How to Create the Perfect Butt; Maximum Gluteus Maximus 2

The Glutes

The gluteus maximus is all one muscle. However, to create the look of a perfectly sculpted derriere, you also require well-built hamstrings. A comprehensive workout for a perfect butt should include exercises that will consist of an ideal balance to work both, your glutes and your hamstring muscles.


A few basic workouts to achieve your goals to improve your glutes include:


How to Create the Perfect Butt; Maximum Gluteus Maximus 3


When adding more challenging squats to your glute workout add weights including barbells, dumbbells, or Swiss balls. However, most people prefer to do squats with a barbell in a squat rack for safety.


There are several types of squats you can perform including front squats, to focus on your quads and back squats to focus on the glutes and hamstrings. The width of your squat stance will affect which muscles you work the most during your workout.


Achieving a narrow stance will work your quads the most, while a wide stance will work your glutes and hamstrings the most. To do a proper squat, begin in a standing position with your back straight and your head up while you bend your knees, then sit into a squat position as if you are sitting in a chair.


Continue to lower yourself until your hamstrings are almost level with your calves. Exhale as you begin to rise back up by straightening your legs and extending your hips to a standing position.


How to Create the Perfect Butt; Maximum Gluteus Maximus 4


A deadlift will work you back and core as well as all of your large body muscles from your shoulders to your legs with a focus on the glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, and abs. One of the weakest body parts, the lower back, can lead to instability and injury during deadlifts.


Deadlifts require careful execution throughout the entire process. However, the deadlift is an essential strengthening exercise.


To do a deadlift properly, stand with your fee halfway under a barbell, with your feet hip-width apart and toes slightly turned out. Hold the bar with a narrow grip with your hands shoulder width apart and your arms placed just outside your legs.


While going in for the lift, bend your knees until your shins reach the bar, then lift with your chest as you strengthen your back. Do not move the bar or drop your hips. As you stand up straight, keep the bar against your legs and lock your hips and knees.


Finally, return the bar to the floor by pushing back your hips and bending your legs while the bar lowers to knee height.


How to Create the Perfect Butt; Maximum Gluteus Maximus 5

Hip Thrust

Hip thrusts are excellent for strengthening your glutes. Begin the hip thrust by sitting on the floor with a bench behind you and a weighted barbell laying across your legs. A padded bar works best to reduce discomfort while doing this exercise.


Before you begin, roll the bar directly up above your hips, lean back against the bench, position your shoulder blades close to the top of the bench. Drive your body weight through your feet and extend your hips vertically into the bar.


Support your weight with your shoulder blades and feet; extend as far as possible before reversing the motion to return to a sitting position.


In Conclusion

These are only a few of the exercises you can do to achieve a great looking butt. However, obtaining a body you can be proud of, that will rebuild your self-confidence is not produced by exercise alone, you also need the perfect diet and guidance from a professional.


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